Audrey’s Makeup Brushes – Angular Blender Brush and Blush Brush

Audrey’s Makeup Brushes – Angular Blender Brush and Blush Brush

A month ago, I bought two makeup brushes from a brand called Audrey’s. I bought these from a beauty store in Mumbai. I love these makeup brushes especially because they are so affordable and their bristles are made from synthetic taklon fibre and are cruelty free. I absolutely love these two brushes. Let me review each of them separately.

Audrey’s Makeup Brushes Angular Blender Brush and Blush Brush

Audrey’s Blush Brush MUB12:

This brush is perfect for applying blush on the apples of the cheeks and also for slight contouring. The synthetic bristles are extremely soft and silky. The brush takes the exact amount of blush for the cheeks, neither too much nor too less. The bristles don’t shed at all. I have washed this brush more than 10 times so far and the bristles don’t shed nor did the wood get those “cracks” that I had expected. Lots of cheap brushes tend to do that. Since the polish and quality of the wood used isn’t great, it often leads to the water getting absorbed and causing cracks on the brush. Also, unlike the Vega Professional Range brushes, this fits perfectly into my makeup pouch since it isn’t super long.

Blush Brush


Rs. 170.

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Audrey’s Angular Blender Brush MUB3:

Usually angular brushes are small enough to apply gel liner and to fill in eyebrows. This brush on the other hand is 2 times the size of a normal angular brush. With the regular angular brushes, it takes me more time to fill in the eyebrows, but with this brush, since it is broader, it takes lesser time. This brush is my current favorite eyebrow brush. I use this to fill in my eyebrows.  I just need to make 2-3 lines on the top and bottom of my eyebrow, fill in it and I’m done. I love how little time it takes to do my eyebrows with this broad brush! It can’t be used to apply gel liner since it is broad and the eyeliner may be uneven when applied. The bristles are very soft and don’t shed at all after multiple washes. The wood used is great too.

Angular Brush





Overall, I’m super impressed with Audrey’s makeup brushes. These are cruelty free, amazing quality, affordable and easily available both in beauty stores and online. If you haven’t tried Audrey’s brushes yet, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Very nice and detailed review Preiti but are uou sure the blush brush is only for 45 means, its so reasonable. I am also using these and they are really great.

  2. Audrey’s brushes are amazing!!! they do have a bronzer/contour brush do chk it out… and i do hv that angular brush its so soft n amazing….
    great review dear 🙂

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