Vega Angular Blender Brush Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today, I will be reviewing the Angular Blender Brush EV-07 from the brand Vega. Vega is a well known Indian brand for makeup brushes range. This brush is from their Regular Range& not Professional Range. I had purchased this brush for easy application of gel eyeliner.

Vega Angular Brush

Product Details:
Use this brush with eyebrow pencil to fill in spaces that are created with uneven growth. The slanted shape of this brush has been designed to give the perfect slant to shape your eyebrow.

Price: Rs. 70 (I bought it when it retailed at Rs. 60)

My Experience with Vega Angular Blender Brush EV-07:
I was on a lookout for angled brush for easy application of gel eyeliner & I turned to Vega because it is few of the brands in India which is into making of eye makeup brushes. The brush is perfectly angled and apt for creating the winged eyeliner. The bristles are densely packed and do not fray at all. This brush is very soft on the skin and it does not pinch or irritate the skin. I have washed it multiple times not even once a single bristle loosened out. So, the quality wise it very good, though I am bit concerned about the ingredients with which it is made.

Vega Angular Brush


This brush is also good for filling in eyebrows as claimed by Vega but I haven’t used it for that purpose yet. Apart for lining the eyes, I use it for applying eye shadow in the crease, defining outer V & it even works well in applying eyeshadow all over the lid. Due to dense bristles, it picks up the eye shadow well too.

Vega Angular Brush

Pros of Vega Angular Blender Brush EV-07:
1. Affordable
2. Sturdy
3. Densely packed bristles
4. It does not fray or bristles doesn’t break
5. Can be used multiple ways

Cons of Vega Angular Blender Brush EV-07:
1. Not sure of what product/ingredients it’s been made of

Would I Repurchase Vega Angular Blender Brush EV-07?

This brush is of so good quality that it will last me for many years but I definitely would like to try out other brushes from this range.
IMBB Rating: 4 Out of 5

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26 thoughts on “Vega Angular Blender Brush Review

  1. Visha, I am totally getting this brush. i have one angular brush and i wouldnt mind having another one. They are just so super useful with gel liners and eyebrows. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  2. good morning everyone! 😀 nice review Visha, i was eyeing this since a long time, will get it now. but isnt this a bit too big for lining the eyes?the angular brushes which come with gel liners seem to be smaller na?

  3. I have this but have never used it.. BTW I bought the Vega powder brush on an impulse ’cause it was golden but it totally sucks. The bristles are so coarse and sheds like hell.

  4. i recently bought this too.. had ordered it online so didnt see the size before …now im finding it a bit big for lining purpose? but havnt tried it yet
    guess shud try it after ur review

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