Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review

Hello beauties,

I have always been really crazy about tea tree stuff for my skin as it helps blemished skin a lot. But, despite all the tall claims, most of the tea tree products fail to impress. Yet, this range from Beauty Formulas looked tempting enough to be tried. I have already reviewed the blemish gel from the range, and along with these wipes, I picked up the face mask too. I will review it for you guys soon, till then check this one out!

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review

Product Description:
Cool moist tea tree cleansing facial wipes will gently cleanse tone and moisture your skin removing all traces of oil, grease, and make up in one step to leave it fresh and clean. Quick, effective, and essential for healthy radiant skin.

INR 229 for 30 wipes

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes:

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review1

I recently got 2 big and fat packs of facial wipes because I was almost out of them. I have already reviewed Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes and here is the Beauty Formulas one. This one looks super cute and refreshing in its lime and parrot green coloured packaging. It is a fat pack loaded with 30 wipes and the price is pretty reasonable. I am very eager to try out the entire tea tree range because it works the best for oily/acne prone skin. The pack is very handy and the seal works properly too.

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review2

The wipes are very soft and big enough to wipe off the dirt from the face and neck. It has a very typical medicinal tea tree scent to the wipes which smells fresh, but isn’t as pleasant. These wipes are moist and they glide very gently my skin without any rubbing or tugging. I actually felt that it removed all the makeup from my face and left my skin clean and fresh. I felt an illusion that my skin was clean and it did not look like it had makeup loaded a few minutes ago. But, it wasn’t really smooth at removing eye makeup! It cleanses oil and dirt from my skin very well, but I did not see any difference as far as blemishes are concerned.

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review3

So, the purpose would only be to cleanse my face. But to test it further, I went ahead and took my L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution and cleansed my skin again with it. And, here I get you to the climax of the story : the micellar water cotton swab was loaded with foundation and dirt. I wouldn’t have known the ineffectiveness of these wipes had I not used the makeup remover again. Thank God, I used it! I would just say that these are not suitable or rather not capable enough of removing all the makeup. These wipes will just help you to clean or refresh your face and get rid of oil, dirt and impurities.

Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review4

Pros of Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes:

• A very refreshing and attractive packaging in lime and parrot green
• An entire tea tree range available to reap the benefits and increase the effects
• Very affordable and they offer 30 wipes at a reasonable price
• The wipes are moist and glide on very gently on my skin
• These wipes can clean all the dirt effectively
• These wipes freshen up the face, and make it look clean

Cons of Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes:

• The fragrance is of typical tea tree, and that smells very medicinal
• Not effective enough at removing makeup
• Cannot give you clear skin

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes?
No, I wouldn’t, for sure. There are many better options to choose from. In fact, instead of these wipes, I would go for makeup remover solutions as they perform a better job.

IMBB Rating:
3.2 /5

There is just one tip that I want to share. Whenever we remove makeup, we just clean the neck and face, but what about the back portion of the neck? We often forget to clean that area and that leads to difference in skin tone over time. Notice the back of your neck, and you will find that that area is darker than the rest of your body. So, make it a point to clean the décolletage area and the back of the neck too.

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6 thoughts on “Beauty Formulas Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes Review

  1. Awww I also used to believe that normal wipes are capable of removing makeup until I didnt an experiment like yours. Now, I never reach out for wipes to remove makeup.

    1. Exactlyyyy… and my face too looked super clean after I cleaned it with these little wipes… but the climax was a total suspense 🙁 now I use to only to just clean my face when I have no make-up on 🙂

    1. Yes similar thoughts Mariyam 🙂 you know probably when I have just a talc applied on my face.. i would use this.. or else my skin will start breaking out even if there is little make-up left… they seemed good but the experiment disappointed me 🙁

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