Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers Review

Hello beauties,

Today’s review is all about a very interesting product, i.e. Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers. The product looked so intriguing that I grabbed it instantly. Read on to know whether it is a hit or miss.


Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers

Product Description:
Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers how to use

249 INR

Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylene/VA Copolymer.

Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers outer packaging

My Experience with Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers:

I really have good eyebrow hair growth. Hence, I need tweezing and trimming almost every week to keep my brows neat and tidy. I am actually an amateur when it comes to grooming brows. I am still practicing doing up the brows. I bought an eyebrow trimmer some months back, but I ended up trimming a little more, so I decided not to use it anymore as it requires a lot of practice. While buying some stuff at a beauty store, I came across this packet of eyebrow shapers from Beauty Formulas. The product looked attractive and quite useful for me, so decided to give it a shot. Let’s find out how it turned out to be?

Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers

Beginning with the packaging of the product. The product comes packed in a white and orange colored cardboard carton. This carton bears each and every necessary detail about the product. Inside this carton, there are four sheets bearing three different shaped adhesive stickers. They come packaged in a clear plastic packet. Each sheet contains 14 assorted pre-cut strips to fit the shape of the brows. Overall, the packaging has no flaws; it is sleek and easy to carry.

Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers stencil

The stickers come pasted on a butter paper. The pre-cut stickers come in three different shapes. One can be used on the upper side of the brow; other one can be used on the lower side of the brow. These are shaped differently to fit the upper and lower sides of the eyebrows. The third one is a straight sticker that can be used to remove the hair between the brows. You may check the picture bearing the directions to use to see the exact use of each sticker. These are adhesive peel-off stickers that can be directly applied to the skin. These strips almost looks like a cello tape and nothing else. As, these are very sticky, I had to keep my skin taut with one hand as given in the instructions to avoid pulling of delicate eyelids. I had to pull off really hard to detach the sticker from the paper. The adhesive in these stickers is so sticky that it gets a little difficult to peel off from the strip also.

Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers sticker

I applied one strip on the lower side of the brow after properly cleansing and drying my skin according to instructions given. At first, I placed it a little away, so I had to peel it off and reapply. After placing, I firmly pressed down and peeled off the stickers against the direction of hair growth. I was so excited to see how it worked on my coarse hair. The sticker had pulled off the extra hair partially. I could see some small hair still there on my skin. It does not remove hair nicely even if a little oil is left on the skin. It is not effective in removing very small hair. The first time that I used this strip, I actually ended up peeling off my eyelid skin. Also, if you place it wrongly, you would end up removing extra hair or peeling off the skin. And, it is quite a task to apply it properly. The strip to be used on the lower side is quite large and sticks to my eyelids too and results in peeling off my eyelid skin. The strip is very sticky and leaves a sticky residue behind on the eye area, which is a little difficult to remove. I use baby oil to get rid of this sticky residue, so considering its performance with just two three uses, I decided to quit using it on delicate skin. I only use it for removing the hair between the brows. Overall, I feel its better to practice using a trimmer than using something like this on the delicate eye area.

Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers swatch

Pros of Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers:

  • Good packaging.
  • Assorted pre-cut strips.
  • Adhesive stickers.
  • Differently shaped pre-cut stickers.
  • Can be used on upper and lower side and also between the brows.

Cons of Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers:

  • A little difficult to peel off from the paper.
  • Need a lot of practice to use perfectly.
  • Pulls and tugs on the delicate eye area.
  • Not effective in removing very small hair.
  • Leaves a very sticky residue at some places.
  • Stickiness is little difficult to remove.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Beauty Formulas Eyebrow Shapers?
No to both as it’s simply useless.

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