Beauty Tips for Girls According to Their Zodiac Sign

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It’s November and it has been a year writing for you ladies. I just realised I have completed more than 150 posts on IMBB and I am superhappy. Thank you so much for all the love and affection that we all share with each other. Now coming to today’s post, it is a fun post about the zodiac signs, their characteristics, what they like in their makeup routine, and what they can add to really take their look up a notch.


• Aries belong to the fire signs so they are confident, impulsive and hot-headed people.
• They are not the ones who shy away from trying new things. New makeup trends are made for them.
• As they are born under fire sign, oranges and reds suit them well.
• These ladies can incorporate bright shades in their collection and must not shy away from all the shimmer and glitters in the makeup.

• They are practical, fuss free and minimalistic in every approach of life.
• They are grounded and know what they want. They are not the ones who like try out new trends.
• They like their neutral and earthy tones.
• Neck and throat are representatives of this sign. So adding a scarf, a statement necklace or short necklaces can amp up your look even more.

• Gemini is a representative of air signs so they have a dual personality in terms of everything.
• They can mix and match different makeup combinations like a pro.
• Gemini woman should mix the dark and light shades to complement her dual personality.
• They should go for bright eye shadows and opt for colour combinations of neutrals with bold shades.

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• Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the moon which means they are driven by emotions.
• Pink colour rules their vanity as it perfectly symbolises their femininity and delicacy.
• They can choose a hint of shimmer, highlighter, peaches or silver colours to add to their makeup look.

• Leos are driven by fire sign and are extremely loyal, courageous and energetic.
• Shades like orange and red which reflect their powerful nature are their best friends.
• Leo girl can go for the shades of bold metallics, shimmery eye shadow, and rosy hues.

• They are perfectionist and are very classy when choosing anything around them.
• Classic red nails or a sophisticated French manicure is your idea of perfection.
• You are the one who can spend hours in front of your mirror just to perfect that winged eye liner.
• You can choose bronze, royal blue, peachy and pale pink and incorporate these colours in your makeup and wardrobe.

• They are driven by air and ruled by the planet Venus.
• They have their own very unique personality traits, they are very harmonious in nature and they really like their pretty pink lips and flushed cheeks.
• You can easily go for bright red pouts, aqua eye shadows with white accents or silver tones to amp up their look every once in a while.


• Scorpion women scream sexy; they are driven by the sign of water.
• They are mysterious, sensuous and enigmatic in their own ways.
• Cat eyes, smokey eyes in warmer shades can really do wonders for their look and emphasise their already mysterious personality.
• They can also play with textures and can introduce some shimmers here and there for that added oomph.

Beauty Tips for Girls According To Their Zodiac Sign2

• They are a fire sign and are vivacious, restless, playful and free spirited.
• They love experimenting with their looks and love to try out new makeup trends.
• Shades like purple, teal and lots of browns work wonders for them.

• Capricorns are elegance personified and are ruled by Saturn.
• They believe in minimalism and do not try to put too many things on at the same time.
• Nude lips, well groomed brows are your go-tos but pastel tones, lots of browns can be incorporated for added elegance.

• They are driven by air sign and are very experimental and progressive in their nature.
• They are not the ones to follow trends but they make them.
• You have a closet full of all the possible colours when it comes to makeup. There is not one shade that you can’t carry off with confidence.
• Once in a while, they can go for a more natural look like nude lips with defined eyebrows.

• They are ruled by Neptune, are emotionally driven and happy almost all the time.
• You like to go for all things fresh, light and bright. You are not the ones who like bold shades; instead you are content with your natural looking shades.
• They can make a switch once in a while and choose shades of reds and plums for their lips.

Beauty Tips for Girls According To Their Zodiac Sign3

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