Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight 

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PCOS, also known as “Polycystic Ovary Syndrome” is one of the most common health conditions, which women suffer these days. There are no scientific evidences for the causes of PCOS. But as per the popular belief, PCOS is slightly related to “Insulin release”. And in this condition, your body goes through a number of changes. Among which, weight gain is one of the most common changes. Here, we are suggesting you with some of the best diet which will help you to lose weight when you have PCOS.

Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight 

1. Protein Rich Diet:

Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight Food

Since PCOS is linked to insulin resistance, a protein rich diet can help to lose weight in an healthy manner.  Cut down on your processed carbohydrates and eat plenty of dairy products, pulses, fruits, vegetables and even whole grains.

2. Eat Right:

In order to lose weight, you should avoid foods which are rich in sugar, salt, oil and any other fatty acids. With continued practice, you will notice that you are able to control your cravings and also, your weight will come in check gradually.

3. Consume Inositol

Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight Food

When you are suffering from PCOS, you should consume daily at least 400g of inositol. Combine it with 4mcg of folic acid and keep a regular track of your weight. Within a month of it’s usage, you will notice that your weight would have significantly gone down.

4. Reduce your Calorie Intake:

In order to keep your weight in check, especially when you have PCOS, regular and stringent calorie check is a must. During PCOS, your body is secreting different kind of hormones and thus, you will have cravings. But you need to check the same and make sure that your daily calorie intake must be less than 1800 calories than the calories needed for an overweight women suffering from PCOS.

5. Quit Smoking:

Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight Smoking

Studies have pointed out that women who smoke regularly have higher insulin levels and their body also releases free testosterone. This can contribute to your already increased weight. Thus, if you are looking to keep your weight in check, then you need to quit smoking immediately.

6. Crash Diets:

You must say no to crash diets. This is because crash diet is based on several calorie restrictions. Also, you should choose your traditional diets carefully because they focus on low fat and high carbohydrate products, which is not appropriate in case of PCOS.

7. Metformin:

Best Diet for PCOS to Lose Weight Metformin Tablets

If none of the above works, then try this medication. It’s a specialized medication which helps in controlling and regulating the insulin resistance. And this is a sure shot way to bring your weight in check. But, of course, it’s not advisable because you cannot consume it daily. After a time, you need to stop using this medicine.

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