Best Eye Shadow and Lipstick Color Combos

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We have always heard that we should play up only one facial feature at a time but when has fashion played by rules! You can always play around with different bursts of colours on your eye lids and your lips. Let’s find out which colour combinations of eye shadows and lipsticks go well together.

eye and lip makeup

Red and gold:

red and gold
Red lipstick is a show stealer no matter how you wear it. You don’t have to go bare lid thinking you might get OTT. You can go for a classy festive look by going for a red lippie with a subtle gold shimmer shadow on the lids for glitz and glamour.

Sea shell and purple:

sea shell and purple
Purple eye shadow may look difficult to carry off but if you pair this vivacious shade with a light coloured natural looking lippie colour like sea shell then it looks really glamorous and put together.

Peach and emerald green:

green and peach
This is a great look to carry off for parties. You can go for deep green smokey eyes and pair this eye shadow colour with peachy pink lips for a luscious and party perfect look.

Pink and blue:

blue and pink
This look has got such a retro feel to it. You can rock various shades of blue eye shadows and opt for glossy pink lips to go with it to avoid looking OTT.

Pink and pink:

pink and pink
This is a very soft look which is perfect for a romantic date night. You can go for soft pink eye shadow in matte or glitter for your eye lids and pink lipstick for your lips. You can choose to intensify the look by going for bold pink colour like fuchsia also.

Nude and violet:

nude and violet
A nude lip goes with everything from smokey eyes to playful pastels. You can go for a deep blue or violet eye shadow and pair matte nude lipstick with it. This is a very easy look to achieve but it definitely is a show stealer look.

Orange and champagne:

orange and champagne
You can go for soft coral or bright orange lipstick and pair that with classic shimmery champagne eye shadow. These colours complement each other really well as orange brightens the face and champagne lends softness to the eyes.

Burgundy and matte brown:

burgundy and brown
You can never go wrong with burgundy lips and soft matte brown eye shadow all over the lids. Soft brown adds sophistication and elegance to the eyes while burgundy lips intensify the whole look.

Wine and bronze:

maroon and bronze
Wine coloured lips make for a stunning style statement. You can complement these lips without going over the top by swiping bronze eye shadow all over the lid for a great look.

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