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Padmini Asks:

Could you suggest a good face moisturizer for dry-sensitive skin? I am little confused as to which product I should buy. Please help. looking for your inputs.

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24 thoughts on “Best Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin – Ask IMBB

  1. I use Revlon touch n glow its a daily wear cream with sunscreen (this product is reviewed).. Works great for all skin types. Also I sometimes use lacto calamine aloe moisturizer.

  2. I have dry skin but not sensitive. I use Aroma Magic Almond Moisturizing cream. But yeah as jaish suggested, Lacto Calamine is a good option. They also have a dry skin variant in their range now.

          1. Jaish, lacto calamine itself acts as a sunblock. I don’t apply a separate sunscreen. My doc suggested it to me and I’ve been using it since 3-4 months and it works great!

    1. Hi Rati.thanks for your inputs. following your comment i bought an aroma magic almond nourishing cream. the counter girl advised me to mix it with lil toner and then use it. Its really wonderful. I plan to use the almond moisturising lotion during the summer. actually my skin tends to be too dry as i am in the air-conditioned environment all day long at office. but when i am traveling back home, the hot and humid climate of kolkata makes my skin look dull. here’s what i follow now…. currently i am using jovees grape facewash, aroma magic almond nourishing cream at office and at home i prefer to use garnier night cream (the latest one with fairness formula). Please feel free to drop your comments if you feel that could help me protect my skin from the harmful affects of the pollution and air-conditioner.

  3. You can use dermadew cream, or oilatum cream. These are easily available in medical stores.
    Also you can use the soaps meant for dry skin from both of the above mentioned brands.

  4. My skin is not dry or too sensitve, but i guess olive and almond oils will work good for you… if you apply them on moist skin, they’ll absorb quickly and you could use it in daytime too…

  5. TBS body butter for body ( for face too i use the same, with some day cream with SPF and PA ++ 🙂 🙂 ) :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    moi got dry and sensitive skin O:) O:)

    1. hey ritu on the patanjali aloe vera section u were talking about a patanajli beauty cream that cures acne what is the name of that beauty cream

  6. hmmm i m still searching my HG moisturizer soproducts react differently on kinds of skin so i would recommend do a little search…… some of the product worth trying are:

    aroma magic almond lotion 215 for 220 ml
    biotique morning lectar rs 180 for 120 ml
    lotus herbal sheamoist or alphamoist rs 110 for 50 ml and 165 for 85 ml (i guess)
    bioglow papaya moisturizer (its dirt cheap 100 for 500 ml :inlove: )
    lakme peach moisturizer rs 70 for 120 ml
    himalya face moisturizer

  7. nivea is the best…. it actually makes my skin glow… i use it at night regularly with little rose water before going to bed

  8. Hi Rati,

    I have a very dry and sensitive skin.Have tried almost all the products.Still no results.Can u please suggest a good moisturizer for my face.

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