6 Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

6 Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Selecting the right moisturizer for oily skin can be a quite hassle due to the availability of many options in the market today. The key is finding a light-weight moisturizer, that will help absorb excess oil from skin and on top of it does not look or feel greasy. Opt for moisturizers in gels or serums consistency that are water based and non-comedogenic. Products that contain tea tree oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera gel or jojoba oil are also helpful for oily skin types.


Mentioned below are few options that really work there charm on the problematic oily skin.

Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion For Oily Skin


It smoothes the texture of your skin and continuously purifies the cells by working at the source of oil production making the skin clearer, comforted and with reduced redness. Loaded with the goodness of White Dead Nettle, Alpine Willow Herb, Zinc and Vitamin B6, this moisturizer regulates oil production like no other.

Price: Rs 3068

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturiser


If redness and blemishes are the areas of concern for you then this is the moisturiser you should try out. It has a light creamy consistency that glides onto skin and sooth your problem areas

Price: Rs 1600

Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer


Moisture-rich formula developed especially for acne prone skin. The non-comedogenic Green Tea Moisturizer by Proactiv is super light on skin and non-greasy that instantly gets absorbed in the skin. Use it under your make-up in the day or in the night before going to bed, to fulfil your skin’s daily moisturizing needs.

Price: Rs 799

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxyl Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturizer


A lightweight, oil free moisturizer that gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It provides a vibrant smooth and a rejuvenated complexion and reveal fresh newer skin. It makes the skin soft, supple and keeps oil at bay for a good 6-7 hours.

Price: 195 INR for 80ml

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion – Oil Control


Maintenance of skin pH is essential for glowing healthy skin. Daily use gives you healthy, glowing, and nourished skin. Can be used on rashes, allergic reactions, and burns to soothe the skin.

Price: 105 INR for 120ml

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture – Facial Moisturizer with UVA/UVB Sun protection


All day moisturisation: Lightweight, non greasy lotion keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours. Sheer formula absorbs quickly into skin leaving it smoother and softer. The allergy tested formula of Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture contains no fragrance, no dyes, and no excess ingredients. It is non-comedogenic too, so you can use it freely without the fear of it clogging your pores.

Price: 299 INR for 115ml

Which is your favourite facial moisturizer?

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21 thoughts on “6 Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

  1. *thankyou* this article have come on time I was gonna go hunting fr a good moisturiser fr my oily skin this surely will be v helpful

  2. Only the last three are in my college student budget.. And I have and absolutely love love love the neutrogena one. *pompom*

  3. I have used Clarins Ultra Matte(oily skin) and Hydra Matte(combination skin), I like both of them, they both give a silky matte finish with oil control, but nothing beats the good ol’ Lacto Calamine, I’m currently using the oil-control one and must say it’s been the best re-discovery! *happy dance*

    1. Lacto is a summer staple for my combi skin to! I use the dry skin variant but frankly I don’t think it can ever be used by dry skinned people! *nonono*

  4. Awesome post 🙂 I have had horrible skin since the past several years (I’m 20 now) and I’ve been seeing a dermatologist who is amazing 🙂 My skin has cleared up completely due to the medication and all (I know u all will be like that’s so bad for u, but hey my skin cleared up completely! Oily acne prone ppl will understand what that feels like :)) My skin is now ‘normal’ I’m currently using neutrogena spf 15 n liking it but on asking on IMBB, I got suggestions to try out Clinique DDMG n Vichy products. I’ve ruled out Vichy since I feel the concentration will be too high and I don’t have acne anymore. Please tell me if the Clinique DDMG is really worth buying? I don’t want it to dry up my face, I need the moisture more than ever now

    1. Hi Ritika, I’d suggest Clarins instead of Clinique, Clarins has lesser chemicals on their ingredient list than Clinique, also the price range is almost similar, I suggest that you invest in a good CTM routine, I have simialr skin as yours, Two years back I went to the derma and my face had completely cleared up but once i stopped the medication the acne came back, since then I have been relying on good skincare products to keep my skin as clear as possible, I use the Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser, Clarins hydra matte cream for winters and ultra matte for summers, They also have a sunscreen which I’m planning to buy soon, have heard rave reviews about it, Give it a try! *pompom*

      1. Ramya, (now I feel like am talking to myself 😀 ) I have used the Clarins sunscreen n its just FAB… I love it 🙂 I am definitely picking up the moisturizers u have recommended.. I am quite impressed by clarins skincare atm *haan ji* What other products from Clarins would u recommend? My skin type seems similar to yours *hifive*

        1. Thank u soo much Ramya n Ramya *shy* well its been quite sometime since my treatment n I dont have a single pimple now (touchwood) so ya I vouch for my doc 🙂 I’ll try out the clarins products but I have a doubt! Do mattifying lotions cause acne? I have a fear that they clog up pores

  5. Have tried the last 3 & all are good 🙂 very good compilation. At present am using the The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream , which is also very good.

  6. Awesome article n great list… I will definitely pick the clarins one next 🙂 The Clinique DDMG and Forest Essentials Jasmine lotion are 2 of my favourites (I have combination skin).. Love the Lotus alphamoist as well, used it for a long time 🙂

  7. hey era… amazing article! plz suggest a good moisturiser for oily skin which has a decent spf.. neutrogena is good, but plz suggest mora na..

  8. hey thanks era for this lovely article …me using in summer lakme daily glow peach plum moisturiser and its good for my combination sensitive skin *clap*

  9. *thankyou* for the list 😀 .. i use the simple one ’emolene’ with 2 indegrients hehe from medical shop. *duh*

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