Best Time to Take Vitamin Supplements

Dietary supplements, a fad these days, do not come cheap. It is in our best interest that we make sure we get the maximum out of those diet supplements. The food that reaches out plate might need some back-up and that is where supplements come into picture. Supplements can keep you looking young, energetic and fresh.In case you are taking multiple supplements, it can get confusing. Follow this guide to making the most of your nutritional supplements.

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Post breakfast:
Your multi-vitamin capsule is best taken post breakfast with a glass of water. Never take a vitamin supplement on empty stomach as it will be passed out through urine in no time. This holds particularly true of supplements like B, C and folic acid that are water soluble.

You can also take your folic acid supplements after breakfast. If you are trying to conceive, take folic acid or B9 supplements for three month before you try.

Probiotics needs to be taken on a full stomach after breakfast too. Empty stomach can be very acidic but eating can make the ph level rise up making the good bacteria thrive. Never combine hot drinks with probiotics, the healthy bacteria would be killed.

Iron supplements should be taken at around the same time everyday. Iron should be washed down with a vitamin C drink to ensure better iron consumption in the body. Iron supplements work best when taken an hour before the meal. Mid-day before lunch is a good idea.

Vitamins that are fat soluble like A, D and E and fish oils  are best taken with meals that contain fat-containing foods. Taking them after lunch is a fine.

Magenesium combined with amino acids, making it more easily absorb-able, are muscle relaxants.This should be taken 30 minutes before bed to ensure better sleep. Calcium along with magensium is a great combination to be take together.

Zinc must be taken at different time of the day, when you have not taken a calcium supplement as calcium interferes with zinc absorption. Zinc can be taken to boost immunity.

If you are taking more than one tablet of vitamins, ensure you take them at different times of the day to maximise absorption.One can be taken with breakfast, another, at dinner.

Supplements should not be followed with coffee or tea or any caffeine drink. This can reduce iron absorption largely, pass out calcium through urine too. Try herbal tea instead.

B vitamins should not be taken with evening meal since these release energy and will interfere with a restful sleep.

If you miss taking supplement one day, do not pop two the next day. Just follow taking one like always.

I personally take a multi-vitamin daily. I notice folic and amino acid supplements really help my hair fall and hair quality.Please do share what supplements you take and how 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Best Time to Take Vitamin Supplements

  1. Hi neha. Very nice post. Iam a nutritionist in mumbai and personally I always advice my clients to eat as many natural and fresh foods as possible but still emphasise on supplements for optimum nutrition. Good work 🙂

  2. Juzz wow!
    Such super informative post neha …☺sooo much needed one . Thanku very much .
    And yesss….soo perrfect photo. Its you na? Am pretty sure its you

  3. Really good one neha, I also agree that we shudnt depend solely on supplements and rather eat fresh vegetables and fruits diet though I cannot deny the fact that supplements are important for pregnant and new moms like me who need a balance of nutrition and health in todays hectic life style where we don;t have time to sit and plan our diet. I usually trust on “one a day” capsule for daily use which gives me daily boost of energy and multivitamin dose and during pregnancy my gynae asked me to go for “prenatal supplements” fortified with folate/folic acid and iron diet which is crucial for developing foetus as well as healthy lactation.

  4. Very true neha!
    I have just started taking NUTRILITE form AMWAY for hair, skin and nails.
    past few months back i have noticed that my hair falls making me mad and fine line too than i found this proprietary food health supplement.
    after one month i can easily see changes on my skin glow and hair fall.

  5. Very informative post by neha… I do take nutrilite hair, skin nails and nutrilite daily which is a multivitamin… M taking them since 5 months… After d usage all my hair fall prob s solved,, n my skin too has glowed.. I used to get lot of mouth ulcers, which r very very painful, but now not a trace of them… Thankfully.. I know its bcoz of some deficiency I had them.. So I would like to promote it to others too..
    In these days bcoz of fast moving world, ppl don’t eat a balanced diet n supplements help in providing nutrients tat lack in d diet…

  6. I have been taking taking vitamin supplements which I got from US(having heard that supplements there are of very good quality)
    Those have been designed especially for people above the age of 50.
    Im 20 years old I take the same tablets since we need the same vitamins half a tablet once a week(since im not 50)
    Sometimes I feel light discomfort in my stomach after having the pills, sometimes I don’t.
    It’d be great if anyone can help..

  7. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how much vitamin c should we take daily for skin whitening? (I have 1000mg vitamin c capsules but not sure whether to take them or not). can you please help me out?

    Thank you

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