Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser Review

Now, this review was very difficult to write. Jomol and Radhika’s unseen faces kept floating in front of my eyes and I was ROTFL, getting up and then writing something. You’ll soon know why.

Coming to the review:

I have always used Johnson’s Baby oil and Almond oil to remove eye makeup and waterproof face and lip makeup. So when the Biotique SA offered me this Almond Oil Cleanser, I didn’t need much persuasion.

I bought this 120 ml bottle for Rs. 135/-.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser
What is Biotique Almond oil cleanser? (Pack info)
A rare combination of rich natural oils to deep cleanse the skin of microbes, pollutant and makeup.

How to use Biotique Almond oil Cleanser ?
Pour some oil on damp cotton pad. Wipe eye and face area. Then wash with water. Follow with Freshener and Moisturizer.

Suitable for: All skin types.


  • Almond Oil
  • Castor Oil (Now you know why I was  :rotfl: all the time)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Kusumbhi Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Jyotishmati Sidh Oil

What I like about Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser

  • It is a blend of many oils, which gives me multiple benefits.
  • It is runny like any oil and I cannot pour it on the back of my hand. So here it is-

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • Being rich and oily, it removes anything and everything form my eyes and face.
  • To test the cleansing power, I have used two most notoriously long lasting products- Colorbar I-glide pencil in Cocobar and Maxfactor Lipfinity Long stay lip color.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • In the first swipe, the Cocobar swatch is vanished and Lipfinity is lightened.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • In the second swipe, I have a clean (though extremely oily) hand.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • Though it is such a rich and oily product, it did not break me out.
  • It removes waterproof mascara with equal ease.
  • I don’t have to pull and tug at my lashes to take the mascara off.
  • It is not the best smelling thing in the world but it is definitely not obnoxious.
  • Like all Biotique products, it has a long shelf life of 3 years.
  • Two-three drops of the oil is all I need to remove the toughest and most elaborate eye makeup. So a very little goes a very long way.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • It wipes off impurities too. Once or twice, I have used it on bare face too, and I can see that it removes dirt and pollutants.
  • The bottle has a small hole at the top, similar to hair oil bottles, which helps me control the quantity and keeps the rest of the product safe.

Biotique Almond oil Cleanser

  • The green top cap is screw on and shuts tightly.
  • I have never felt the need to carry this along with me anywhere, but it has never spilled in my dresser drawer, where I keep it in horizontal position always.
  • The quantity is way too much for the price. In a good way…

What I don’t like about Biotique Almond oil Cleanser :

  • It cannot be used alone. You have to wash your face with a face wash to remove all the oil. Although I never intended to use it alone, so it’s not really a con. But, anybody who wants to buy this, needs to know that it is OIL. So it MAY NOT suit people with oily skin.
  • I cannot find anything else to crib about.

Overall, if you are used to using oils for removal of Eye makeup, then this could be a good substitute to Baby oil/Almond oil etc.

If you are strictly a cleansing lotion person, you can very well steer clear of this.

I personally love this and I would rate it- :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Have you used Biotique Almond oil Cleanser? Would love to hear your views about it!!

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31 thoughts on “Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser Review

  1. Hey Mrun…..I want to place a tight kicchi on your cheek for giving me an opportunity to get back at Rads…… :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 . You know, all these days, I have been waiting for an opportunity. 😉 😉 😛 😛 😛 . You know Mrun, Rads is not so gung-ho about Biotique products, so guess what the company did, they have started adding castor oil to their products to grab Rads attention……….. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    1. Nice review Mrun.. :yes: :yes: i will give this a am using coconut oil to remove my eye makeup but when i use maybelline colossal volume mascara it is a bit messy 🙁 hope this would be a better option

  2. hey!…nice review Mrunmayee :yes: :yes: …I’ve been using dis product for sometime nw n it is really unbelievable at removing eye makeup esp mascara….I think its good for the lashes as well coz mine have been growing fuller ever since I started using this :lashes: …did u hv a similar experience? :idk: …..I have oily skin and it hasnt broken me out so I guess other oily skin gals can give it a try n I totally agree that u have to use a face wash after this to get rid of that ‘oily’ feeling…..all in all a grt product at an affordable price. :clap:

    1. Hey Madhu… Sooo glad you are loving this too!!!!
      It IS unbelievable at removing eye makeup..

      But haven’t noticed any change in my lashes.. So gr8 that you did!!!!

      And thanks for sharing your experience as now girls wid oily skin get a better idea…
      .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

    1. Yeas Rima… it can be used to remove face makeup too… Also we dry skin girls are not that fussed about oil na???

      And yeah… You have to wash your face afterwards…

  3. Excellent review!

    I am currently using the product, and I absolutely love it. Though I bought it for Rs.149/-, but I guess the price depends on the store. I bought it from the “Health and Glow” store near my home.

    Besides using it for regular cleansing purposes, I am also using the product for my facial massage before I go to sleep every night. This is really relaxing, rejuvenating and tones up my facial muscles. Its been a month now, and I actually feel the difference. My under-eye swellings have somehow reduced and skin looks much better and refreshed.

    Thanks for the review!! 🙂 :yes: :yes:
    .-= calicoaster´s last blog ..Bath Scrubs to Treat And Renew Your Body =-.

  4. Hey Mrunmayee,

    I have been using this cleanser for more than a year now….infact i use it for doing my Oil cleansing Method these days in winter…and guess what i am an Oily skinned girl and prone to acne….but this has NOT broke me out….if it works for me, it can work for anybody with oily skin….and for oily skin oil is the best one to remove oils…but do wash it up with a ceanser afterwards…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT

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