Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser Review

I am back with another product review for dry skin people. Oily skinny people do forgive me! 😀
biotique almond oil cleanser
Rs 70 for 150 gm

What Biotique says?
biotique almond oil cleanser description
Almond Oil
• Improves complexion and retains glow
• Moisturizes better and deeper
• Soothes skin irritation and inflammation
• Delays ageing process
• Lightens dark circles
• Relieves dry and itching skin
• Nourishes the skin. Makes it smooth and soft
• Cures chapped lips and body rashes

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, helping with dry skin

Castor Oil
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. A number of ingredients made from Castor Oil may also be used in cosmetic products. These ingredients include Cetyl Rinoleate, Ethyl Ricinoleate, Glyceryl Ricinoleate, Glyceryl Ricinoleate SE (SE stands for self-emulsifying, which means it contains a small amount of sodium or potassium stearate), Glycol Ricinoleate, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Isopropyl Ricinoleate, Methyl Ricinoleate, Octyldodecyl Ricinoleate, Potassium Ricinoleate, Ricinoleic Acid, Sodium Ricinoleate and Zinc Ricinoleate.

In cosmetics and personal care products, Castor Oil and related ingredients are used in the formulation of many different cosmetic and personal care products including lipstick, skin-care products, and bath soaps.

Neem Oil
It is used for preparing cosmetics (soap, hair products, body hygiene creams, hand creams) and in Ayurvedic, Unani and folklore traditional medicine, in the treatment of a wide range of afflictions. Traditional Ayurvedic uses of Neem include the treatment of acne, fever, leprosy, malaria, ophthalmia and tuberculosis.

Curcuma Aromatica Oil
Curcuma essential oil is viewed as a strong relaxant and balancer. It also has historical applications as an antiseptic and for skin care use against acne and facial hair in women.

My Experience with Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser

I bought this last winter to combat my extremely dry and rough skin! I have used Biotique Orange and Parsley and loved it very much for its true citrusy fragrance and awesome exfoliation. :inlove: So after my pleasant experience with the orange & parsley soap I wanted to try some other soap from Biotique range for my dry skin. I quite loved its description mentioned in the cover (very impressive indeed) :woot: and also the ingredients list. It contains several kinds of oil which would be beneficial for moisturizing. Its recommended by doctors too. :thumbsup: When I first used it, I noticed it doesn’t lather much on its own like the orange and parsley soap. It lathers only when I rub with a bathing loofa on my skin after applying. After bath, my skin remains moisturized and healthy for a long time. I feel as if I have applied some moisturizer or massaged oil on skin. So many times after using it, I skip oil massage too. I would love to tell that this is also beneficial for rashes and mosquito bite areas, which I noticed in my case. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated. But it’s a huge bar of soap, my fingers are quite small so I couldn’t hold it at all and thats why I had to slice this soap bar into two pieces. I would buy this every winter for that extra moisture that my skin needs badly.

Pros of Biotique Almond Cleanser

-It’s recommended by doctors for sensitive skin.
-Keeps my skin hydrated.
-My skin feels very soft and healthy. :makeup:
-I can skip a body moisturizer during normal days. :haanji:
-Very useful for rashes and other infections.
-It’s a must have for dry skin people. :thumbsup:
-Contains no harsh additives, dyes or hardening agents.
-Its hypoallergenic and clinically tested.
-It makes skin clean and healthy looking.
-It relieves skin from ringworm, scabies and dermatitis infection with regular use.
-It contains oils of castor, neem, turmeric, almond and coconut with glycerin.
-It has got very subtle sweet fragrance.
-Price is damn reasonable for this huge bar of soap.
-Available at all cosmetic stores stocking Biotique products.
-It’s a transparent bar with no color.
-As I split the soap bar so it lasted me nearly two months, may be 50 days I think.
-Packaging is attractive and very refreshing.

Cons of Biotique Almond Oil Cleanser

-Fragrance doesn’t linger for a long time.
-It doesn’t lather on its own, lathers well when used with a loofa.
-I feel the Biotique Orange & Parsley soap is more refreshing than this one.
-I don’t like using it during summers.
-Very oily skinned people may not like this.
-It’s a hige bar and I had to slice it into two. 😀

Rating- 4 out of 5
Will I repurchase? Yes I will repurchase during winters.

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  2. It sounds so good and the bar does look huge. :)) Nice review Taps, I have a similar skin type, so I say, keep them coming! :))

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