Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair Review

Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair Review

Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair Review

Recently, I have been thinking about getting my hair burgundy colored (wishful thinking), but I don’t have the courage right now to go for chemical colouring.  I have seen some girls getting lovely hair colour through heena application.  I decided to try that way to get some color on to my hair. I picked up Biotique’s Bio Heena because I trust Biotique to have not mixed any chemicals in the powder.  I checked the product and it said “for dark hair” and I thought it would suit my dark hair and give my hair some color, but….read on:

Product Description:

Heena is a small tropic tree with leaves of color that have tinted and conditioned hair for thousand of years.  This traditional, fresh ground powder is a natural blend of heena leaves, mango kernel and the bark of arjun tree.  Mixed with water, these exotic ingredients dissolve into a luxurious paste to nourish and enlighten hair with rich brown color and shine.

Heena Powder 1

How To Use:

Add water gradually to the powder, until a paste is formed. For conditioning, leave on for half an hour.  For maximum color highlights, leave on for one hour or more. Shampoo. Rinse with water.


Rs. 199 for 90 gm.


Heena Powder

My Take on Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair:

The heena powder comes in the traditional Biotique green tub (this one is a bit larger and wider).  This powder smells of a lot of herbs.  The powder would come for only one-time application for shoulder-length hair.  I was mighty disappointed to see the illustration of its effect on black hair, black hair remains the same it seems 🙁

Heena Powder 2

As instructed, I added water to make a thick paste and I should here mention that the powder is leafy green, I mean I have seen and used some heena powders wherein the powder is pretty dark in color.  Since I wanted color in my hair, I decided to keep the “paste” in my hair for close to two hours.  After rinsing it off, I noticed there was a bit of difference to the color of my hair, not much, not what I had expected 🙁 I am quite happy about the conditioning part because I got nice manageable wavy hair on the second and third day, but by the evening of the third day, my hair was extremely greasy and I had to wash my hair. Thereafter, I had to wash my hair again over a 3-day interval.

Heena Powder 3

Considering, I now only want some burgundy color in my hair, I would not opt for this again and look around for natural heena powders that would do so.

Heena Powder 4

Heena Powder 5

Heena Powder 7

Coming to the pros and cons of the product:

Pros of Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair:

  • Contains natural heena powder without any chemicals.
  • Contains neema, mango kernel, bark of arjun tree, and some other herbs.
  • Adds a bit of color to the hair, though not a rich color.
  • Conditions hair a bit.

Cons of Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair:

  • Makes hair greasy and frequent shampooing would be required.
  • Rs. 200 for only 90 gm of the product didn’t go down well with me.
  • This heena powder is for dark hair, so obviously, it won’t cover greys.
  • Smells of herbs, cannot detect the delightful “mehendi” smell.
  • Does nothing for dark hair.

Will I Repurchase Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair?


IMBB Rating:


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23 thoughts on “Biotique Bio Heena Fresh Powder Hair Color For Dark Hair Review

  1. Hey Jomol.. great review… though I would like to add here that u should mix tea water (tea powder boiled in water and strained) or beetroot juice to the henna mix to achieve the burgundy color… u can also add coffee to achieve brown color… in addition u can add lemon, yogurt and eggs (if u can tolerate the smell) for great results… So far I find Godrej Nupur mehndi the best…though I m not sure if its completely natural.

    1. Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuu so mucchhhhhhhhhhh Richa…..I so want burgundy colored hair……this Sunday, I am going to try adding beetroot juice. Only egg white should be added na 🙂

  2. Thank you for the review, Jomol! 😀 It was so timely. I was thinking of buying the Biotique Henna Powder in a few days for tinting my hair. I suppose I’d try something else then. By the way, if you want to colour your hair ‘burgundy’, you could go for Lush Caca Rouge or Caca Brun (depending upon how deep you want the reddish tint to be). It’s a little pricey at nearly 1000 bucks but it gives great results. My mum uses its brown version and she loves it.

    1. JW…………I want it to be like a different colour than black…..thought burgundy would suit my skin tone….yeah how can I forgot Lush……thankoo for the suggestion hai ji 🙂

  3. as henna is natural compared to chemical treatments… it’ll work slowly hv patience.. n apply henna on a weekly basis if u lik to change ur black hair into lighter hues!!! do include mild bleaching agents like lemon n honey.. n use tea water or coffee pwder in mixture… do not add yoghurt if u want henna to color ur hair… i read this way henna only conditions hair. if u use henna on a regular basis it’ll give u those coloured tresses u dreamt of trust me… ma cousins had dark black hair n they were envious f ma dark brown hair since childhood n did same after few months all 3 f us had nice brown-burgundy hair … 😀

    1. Keiti……thank you for those encouraging words…..I am so tired of black hair, I want a different colour….thought high time… often should I apply henna, is once a week enough for results to show Keirti 🙂

  4. Jomol, try the VLCC henna powder, i have been using the same for the past few months and it does gives the burgundy color you are looking for.. I add egg white, yogurt, a bit of hair oil to the henna ( i don’t add water).. The color stays for 2 weeks…

  5. Aparajita i was gonna say the same. Jomo the pictures are just beautiful, especially that super close up shot of heena. hihih the heena gew on the tree. i missed the green wall. 😛

    I dont use heena because it dries out my scalp but this looks no great . 😐

  6. Jomo..

    I saw the first pic without looking at the author and I knew it would be from Jomo.. 😀 Your trademark picture on a plant.. he hehe..

    sad it didnt give you the color.. but i am also wondering why it makes your hair greasy.. i mean heena to hair dry karti hai na..

    1. he he…thanks Surabhi :)…..that curry pata tree is becoming famous 🙂 Nahin, this heena made my hair greasy……like on the third day I had to rinse my hair again…..donno why, but it wasn’t the fresh feeling :((

  7. heyaaa caca brun is great… u will get that burgundy shade. previously i used to apply normal medicated mehendi which used to be pure.. i used to mix it wid coffee or curd… and ya do keept it for 4-5 hours for those burgundy highlights.. they look great even in office lights.. 😉

  8. I used this powder thinking this would really work well as its from Biotique. Its sheer waste of money to buy this product as it doesn’t contain any special herbs added to it and the cost of the product is quite high that too just for Henna. I did not get any color what was been mentioned in the pack along with the pictures. Please do not go for this product at all and do not waste your money on this thinking it would color your hair. A big no no no for this product. *nababana*

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