Biotique Cocobutter Cream Review

Biotique Cocobutter Cream Review

The biotique cocobutter cream is another product that I got during my pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I have no idea whether it worked or not but it did show intense moisturising effect on my skin and my skin was left soft and smooth. Since the cream is pretty thick I use it immediately after my bath and even then I really have to give good massage, for the skin to absorb the cream. I used this for almost 6 months once in the night and bio oil once in the morning. Since I felt this is sticky I stopped using this and then started using the bio oil both in the morning and night.

Biotique Cocobutter Cream

From the bottle

  • For during and after pregnancy and when dieting.
  • 4% cocobutter, 1.35% Sarsoan Tail, 2.1% Arjun Chhal Kwath, 1.9% Mahuva Chhal Kwath, 1% Nagkesar Kwath, 2% Badam Tail, Q.S. Cream Base
  • Soothes stretched skin
  • Rich in cocobutter
  • Cures pigmentation due to ill health & helps to smoothen stretch marks on the skin.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine (for external use only)
  • This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.
  • Expiry Date – 5 years after manufacturing.

Biotique Cocobutter Cream

Unlike The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream this one smells pretty decent and bearable. I really can’t describe the fragrance but the fragrance is mild and it should not be a problem for many of us here. The cream is pretty thick and the 60 gms tub costs Rs.180 !!!!

Biotique Cocobutter Cream

Pros of Biotique Cocobutter Cream

  • Smell is bearable and not disturbing.
  • Easily available.
  • Leaves the skin smooth and moisturized after application.
  • Has got pretty long shelf life.

Cons of Biotique Cocobutter Cream

  • Cream is thick and hence little massage in the skin is necessary for the skin to absorb the cream. I prefer lotions to such thick creams.
  • Price is very high.
  • I have no idea about the effects on pigmentation but it doesn’t help much in avoiding stretch marks. I prefer Bio oil to this cream.
  • It feels a bit sticky.
  • Comes in a tub and hence not hygienic to dig my hands every time in the tub. So I need a spatula to get the product out.

My Rating –:-* :-* :-*

Will I Repurchase – No. I don’t find any reason to buy this again. I have better moisturizers and bio oil so why do I need this.

When I had finished with my review my friend who used this mentioned it did help her in lightening her stretch marks !!! Might be it just didn’t work for me . 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Biotique Cocobutter Cream Review

  1. Nice review Aarthi :waytogo: …but Biotique never suits me :((
    Donno why….so I stopped looking at the counter even :((

  2. hmmm…good review Aarthi..I own Biotique ka only oil cleanser and it works well in removing my eye makeup, coz Himalaya cleansing milk hurts my eyes really badddddddd…so I use the Biotique oil..Earlier I used to use the oil for whole face makeup removal, but it broke me out!! 😐 😐 So now I stick to using it on eyes only!!! I guess with Biotique brand too, there are loads of hits and misses na!!

        1. you wouldnt believe cali I applied oil in morning also and my skin is just fine. Not a trace of oil on my skin. 😛 The dry patches are still healing but I guess they’d take a few more days to heal completley. :((

  3. I thnk Biotique doesnt suit me too..i got the cucumber toner and it broke me out :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

  4. hi aarthi nice review. hearing about the product for the first time. even I had itching problem during my pregnancy especially on fingers and arms. So my dr prescribed using any coco butter cream. I ended up using two huge bottles of ayur coco butter cream. but it soothes itchy skin that’s all I know.
    but a friend of mine suggested to apply Jonson baby oil with vitamin E immediately after bath which avoids stretch marks.
    luckily I dont have much stretch marks.

    by the way some of the biotique products suits me .
    but cucumber toner stings like some alcohol on my skin. but I love face wash the pink colored one .

  5. i like some products in biotique like their shower gel, shampoos,morning nectar moisturiser :)….. but i find their cucumber toner, face packs and scrub a bit strong….. 🙁
    nice review aarthi 🙂 is bio oil reviewed here ?:) seems like a good one…..

  6. i used the shea body butter frm the body shop… it did a gr8 job for my skin during pregnency.. so me super happy… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  7. Aarthi good review…..actually, its such a thick cream, I wonder how it gets absorbed…..but the Bio-oil worked for you na :waytogo:

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