Do Blackhead Holes Go Away?

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Blackheads (which are a considered to a type of acne) are a dermatological issue that sometimes leaves behind something that is equally repulsive – blackhead holes. Blackhead holes are pores that are left behind post-removal of blackheads (i.e., they fail to shrink back to their normal state) and is a big problem for those who are prone to blackheads. And despite what advocates of cosmetic cures might opine, blackhead holes are very hard to get rid of. However, over the years, people have been experimenting – trying to come up with some ways to tide over this blackhead pore conundrum and today we shall find out whether or not those methods are efficacious, whether at all it is possible to do away with blackhead holes. So, let’s begin:

Do Blackhead Holes Go Away

The main concern has been towards reducing the appearance of the holes and experts suggest that one should adopt certain specific measures to remove blackheads in the first place and follow it up with a routine for skin tightening and prevention of future clogging/formation of blackheads. It is advised that while removing blackheads, one should never resort to popping them with one’s fingers. It is a strict NO-NO, you must resist the temptation to do so.

How Can you Get Rid of Blackhead Holes?
1. Retinoids: You should use a retinoid treatment to remove the blackheads in the first place. Now although most of these are prescription vitamin-A derivatives, some over-the-counter products are also available. Retinoids are effective against sebum (skin oils) and dead skin cells and are proven to be highly effective in reducing the chances of a future breakout of blackheads.

2. Using a Salicylic Toner: Next, you should apply a salicylic-active toner to cleanse your face that helps in cleaning out the oils from the large holes while removing them in the process. Although it is suggested that since such toners act like drying agents there is a possibility of skin irritation and as such one should slowly acclimatize oneself to such a routine.

3. Pack of baking soda and water: This pack can be made to target holes caused by blackheads. It is cheap on the pockets and also does a good job in removing blackheads. Furthermore, the natural exfoliation also decreases the look of blackhead holes.

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4. Clay masks: Some have also suggested the use of clay masks at this stage for extracting the impurities out of your skin while dermatologists always advise exfoliation as a prerequisite. Regular use can also reduce the appearance of enlarged pores from old blackheads. For best results, use consistently — otherwise oil will accumulate and make blackhead holes look bigger.

5. Glycolic acid: The use of glycolic acid is also suggested by some experts for it is proven to give the appearance of reduced blackhead pores. One may also take recourse of applying pore shrinking facial ointments and creams.

What are the preventive measures that you can follow to stop blackhead holes?

  • You can follow some preventive measure to reduce the occurrence of such skin woes.
  • Remove makeup: If you wear makeup, do ensure that you do not jump into bed after a long day without first systematically removing your day’s makeup and washing your face properly.
  • Alpha-Hydroxy based toners: Apply a suitable toner to the affected pore once a day. Look for toners with azelaic acid or alpha hydroxy acid.
  • Use oil-free moisturizer: For moisturization, use an oil-free moisturizer containing SPF 30 and zinc into your skin as this will keep your face shine free for long.
  • Pore strips: Use pore strips to directly target clogged pores. Unlike blackhead extractors, these over-the-counter strips are less likely to irritate and enlarge pores.
  • Dermabrasion: A microdermabrasion kit helps the skin in deep exfoliation and helps to improve the condition to enlarged pores. Not only does it help to prevent clogs, but it also helps in improving the skin texture over time. That being said, it reduces chances of occurrence of blackhead holes.
  • Proper cleansing: It is a well-known fact that one needs to keep one’s facial skin properly hydrated at all times and as such it is deemed good practice to wash your face, at least twice, daily as well as to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid over-washing: But care must be taken so as not to over wash. That’s right, over washing one’s face comes with its own set of problems. People who overdo with face cleansing, if unfortunately, are given with a bad skin variety, inadvertently wash away the essential oils from their skin, thereby endangering their skin with even worse breakouts of acne and blackheads; that would be totally counterproductive.
  • Maintain hygiene of makeup tools: Cleaning your makeup tools and applicators is mandatory if you want to prevent infection of skin. Using dirty makeup sponges creates a breeding ground of bacteria which prepares a platform for growth of acne and blackheads. Cleaning them with soapy water, or buying new applicators will ensure that you don’t contaminate your skin.

Can you get rid of Blackhead Holes Completely?
The answer to today’s question is “no,” even with all of what has been advised it is nearly impossible to get rid of blackhead pores/holes. What best can be hoped for is to adopt the aforementioned routines to hide said pores/holes or reduce them in appearance and that is all that can be done. Unfortunately, however, there are no permanent and comprehensive fixes to said issue of blackhead pores/holes. But you can minimize the appearance of these pesky pits by tightening your pores and using techniques to prevent the holes from clogging again.

So ladies, tell us what you think of our piece of black head holes and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Till next time, Bye!!!

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