The Body Shop Brush On Bronze Review

The Body Shop Brush On Bronze Claims – Bronze, Shimmering, coloured powder beads with light diffusing particles and pearl pigments to brighten and add colour to the face, cheeks, and décolletage! Use Blusher Brush or Face & Body Brush!

The Body Shop Bronzing Pearls

Key Ingredients – Marula Oil is a very effective moisturizer that also helps to condition the skin over time! Also provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness! Provides women in marginalised, rural communities with the rare opportunity to earn a fair wage for their work! Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to soften, condition and protect the skin! Light diffusing particles and pearl pigments instantly brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine line!

Originally, this 28 g or 1 oz tub retails for Rs 895 (Indian Rupees) or £11.70 or $21! How long will one tub last? Literally ages! I have been using this since 6 months, but I feel I hardly used any! Try using a single bead! See for yourselves how long a bead lasts! Such case, one tub should last you a life time! No harm if more or less! The packaging is hard plastic with screw top gold lid! Comes along with a white sponge! Product longevity is 36 months! Doesn’t have any specific fragrance unless your olfactory senses are strong! Reminds me of Fuller’s Earth! Only thing that strikes my mind the minute I smell the product is Fuller’s Earth! Personal opinion; being light weight, the formula doesn’t clog pores!

The Body Shop Bronzing Pearls

Some bronzers are fool proof, but some are really hard to work with! I find this is easy, but make sure you use the right tools! Website claims you can use your blusher brush, but I am not sure if would use that! The more fluffy your brush, the more surface area can be covered! I can’t imagine plain face and shiny cheeks! I use EcoTools powder brush, but any big brush would do! It’s your comfort, after all! I wonder if people really use this sponge! The product doesn’t go even on me, so I find it hard to work with the sponge! No control over the product, so there is nothing like great coverage in a sweep! If you get to use the sponge, chances are you finish this product early! Sponge can grab much more product compared to the brush or your favourite tool as such! One big Powder Brush swirl would do the trick! Make sure you go even on the face, neck and ears! Do not ignore the hairline and jaw line! Some find it just sparkly, but I believe the trick lies in application technique!

Ecotool Brush

If you are genetically blessed with flawless skin, this might be the only product you need! To be honest, I prefer bronzing pearls as illuminator! I find that more realistic in approach! I don’t need a real tan as I have a typical South-Indian tanned skin tone! This product helps highlight your chiselled features perfect as it goes kind of silvery on the skin! Definitely not your typical bronzer! This is available in one shade so far apart from the Radiance Pearls! Suits typical Indian skin tones! Might not be the right product for porcelain-skinned and dark-skinned beauties apart from being used as a body highlighter! Bronzing pearls not only beautifies your summers, but also helps get rid of winter blues! Does every job as per the claims!

I don’t call this a downside, but it’s definitely pricey! The sponge applicator is of no use, for me at least! Wish they retail this product along with the concerned brush! Day or night usage depends on how you like this to be! I prefer this on both the times of day! Try using this on Brow bone, bridge of nose, cheeks, Cupid’s bow and décolletage! Night time, nobody can stop you from using this on your sexy legs and hands! Highlight all your chiselled features to perfect! I highly recommend this product to everybody! Fool-proof multipurpose product anybody could have in their stash! One time investment! No worry of spending a fortune as it lasts ages! Travel-safe, which adds another ruby to the tiara!

The Body Shop Bronzing Pearls

I never go by rules! Read your labels, but don’t go according to them! Try your own ways to make the best use of any product! That is when multiples are born out of single-use products! Lip stain can be used as blush! Blush can be used as illuminator! If you are on a stringent budget, lip balm can be used as an eye shadow! If you feel you can’t work well with this product as a bronzer, try using this as a body illuminator! Not trying to compare this with other bronzers in the market, but you wouldn’t be surprised to find this unbeatable!

Ingredients – Talc, Mica, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Boron Nitride, Nylon-12, Marula Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Sorbitol, Propylparaben, Aqua and Butylparaben. Community trade Marula Oil comes from Marula tree, native to Southern Africa! The oil is rich in oleic acid, essential to the maintenance of healthy-looking skin! The Body Shop makeup range includes Marula oil, which helps Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Northern Namibia rural communities!


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  1. Okay ” wait n see” …

    Awesome review babe.. im ashamed of mine now.. i shouldnt do any more reviews i guess. 🙁

  2. yeah both bead reviews were great………….I agree with Rati!! BTW, Divija…did you download any video with the method that I told you to. ?:-)

  3. Hey Divija..

    That is one of my most favourite products from TBS 🙂 In fact I have the bronzer one..ahem..I can imagine Rati’s face now :))

    And yeah, the sponge is definitely useless.

    @Priyanka : :hugleft: :hugright: don’t ever think of stopping your reviews

    @ Jomol : I don’t know if Divija benefited of your real player update, but I surely did. I upgraded to that version soon after reading your comment. But I went a bit overboard and tried to show of my hubby about it. He said he has been using it from almost the time it was first launched 😛 😛

    So much for techie people :dazed:
    .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

    1. Poorrnima, you are not being fair to me. 😛 You have no idea how hard I am trying not to buy the beads before July’s sale. It is getting harder now. 😉

    1. Hi Sunaina,

      Bronzers are a form of blushes. They are replacement for the regular pink blushes and help you giving a fake tan without you actually having a tan. You must have heard of sun-kissed look, is attained with the help of bronzer. The application could be quite tricky and you may end up looking sun burnt instead of sun-kissed. By the rule of thumb you must apply bronzers where sun would directly hit your face like forhead, high up on cheeks, nose and chin. You have to be very light handed with your application. If you don’t have naturally pink cheeks, bronzers should be combined with pink blushes to give a natural glow to your face. Just imagine how your face would look after you stay in the sun for good 20-25 minutes. You would notice some parts of your face is tanned and some turns flushed pink. You exactly have to recreate that look.

      You may use bronzers on any part of your body. Especially these TBS beads could look gorgeous on legs and décolletage because they have a nice sheen to them. And if you are wearing a short skirt or a dress and you don’t want your legs to look very fair, just dust some bronzer for nice tanned took. See this Kim K’s sun kissed look :

      It’s easier said than done but do give it a try if you like it. 🙂

  4. Priyanka,

    Now u understand “wait n see?” LOL….I didnt want to spoil the fun, dear! Why ashamed of yours? I thought I am ashamed of mine after reading urs 🙂 Then, should I inform Rati that I am about to quit? U r so sweet and kind…thanq very much for the promising words 🙂

    1. I almost deleted my next review after this.. i thought i’ll stick to my nail art and fitness posts only. But after reading the comments from you lovely ladies i guess 😕 i should give myself another chance.

      And divija darling please you dont have to lie to make me feel good. You have an awesome writing style. The ease with which you write comes across in your posts.

  5. Jomol,

    Thanq very much, dear! I am quite busy these days packing, so I literally dont have time to play on the net 🙂 which is what I do 24/7 – 365! but, I really appreciate your efforts to help me out 🙂 so kind of u….

  6. Sunaina,

    Thnq very much for your kind words, dear! Bronzers help attain glowing skin (if that makes any sense)…like golden to bronze-colored skin! If you have a naturally tanned skin tone like me, it helps highlight your chiselled features! Not only for the face, but also on hands and legs! If you have a flawless skintone, all you need would be some tinted/normal moisturizer and a bronzer 🙂 easy for summers…

  7. The prdt looks so good! Very tempting! I tried these in the store and they were really soft.

    I didn’t get them coz bronzers look muddy on me – i need to temper them with a plumish undertone to make them work – like a cool bronzer shade.

  8. Hi – I was looking for reviews on this product and came across yours – very informative. I just purchased- and so far so good. In regards to the sponge – it is not for application – it is to keep the beads from breaking.. kind of like cotton in a bottle of aspirin 🙂

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