The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

I received the Neroli jasmine body lotion as a gift from one of my relatives on a visit to India from Australia some time back. This one is not available in India yet. I don’t know if they have it under some other name. Because I have seen some of their products having different names in different countries.
The Body Shop - Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

Product price:

Rs. 570 for 200ml

What The Body Shop says about the Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion:

Neroli takes its name from the Italian princess of Nerola, who ised it as her favourite perfume to enchant admirers. Inspired by her story, we created Neroli Jasmin, a captivating blend of jasmine with touches of warm vanilla orchid sandalwood and neroli. Wear it and embrace your feminine powers

The Body Shop - Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion2

A moisturising body lotion that leaves the skin smooth, supple and subtly scented with the mysterious and captivating Neroli Jasmin fragrance.
• Lightweight hydration
• Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
• Neroli and jasmine scent

The Body Shop - Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion3

What I think about The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion:

The body lotion comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip to open cap. The cap closes firmly to prevent the lotion from spilling out. The lotion is milky white in colour. The consistency of the lotion is pretty runny.

Coming to the main point of the lotion which is its fragrance. The lotion smells just divine. I am a jasmine smell lover and this one just hits the right senses. The fragrance lingers on for atleast a couple of hours and I do not use a perfume in combination with this lotion because it definitely clashes unless you use the neroli jasmine EDP or EDT. I think the fragrance is very summery.
As a lotion, this product is nothing out of the ordinary. A small amount goes a long way. It makes the skin soft and supple as claimed by the company but the effect does not last long at all, maybe a couple of hours. I started using it in summer but it made my skin very greasy and oily. I felt as if my skin pores were being blocked and I could not sweat. But in winters the lotion does a fair job. Atleast it does not leave the body greasy. The lotion gets absorbed really quickly.

The Body Shop - Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion4

The Body Shop - Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

Pros of The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

• Simply divine fragrance
• The fragrance lasts atleast for a couple of hours
• Quickly absorbed into the skin
• Small quantity is required to cover a larger area
• Makes the skin soft and supple on application
• Best suited for winters or dry weathers

Cons of The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion

• The fragrance can get overpowering for those who do not like jasmine smell
• The lotion in itself is very mediocre.
• The skin loses its hydration when the lotion is absorbed.
• Not at all suitable for summer time use
• Can be worn only with EDP or EDTs with jasmine as its top note. Otherwise the fragrances tend to clash.
• Does not have any SPF factor.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion?

No. The lotion is a little too oily for my skin.

Will I recommend The Body Shop – Neroli Jasmin Body Lotion?

No unless you are a complete jasmine fragrance freak because the fragrance can get overpowering.

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  1. Jasmin sounds too good but i think i like fruity ones more *happy dance* *happy dance* nice pick and would be great for dry skin i guess *hifive* *hifive*

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