Bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Review

Bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Review

Today, I would be reviewing a nice smelling sugar scrub by Bodycology from their enchanted forest range.

Winters are arriving and they bring along foggy,chilly, dark days and dry skin issues.  If you have read my previous reviews you would know that I am a great fan of extensive body care .  I have discovered some nice products to combat skin issues.  One of them is body scrubs that exfoliate away dry/ dead skin and reveal soft skin.

Product Description :
This Bodycology Enchanted Forest Scent Exfoliating Sugar Scrub will leave your skin fresh and clean. With this scrub, you can exfoliate and moisturize your skin at once. Made with moisturizing avocado oil and shea butter, this Bodycology sugar scrub will leave skin feeling soft and smooth. The blend of jasmine, nutmeg and musk will smell lovely in the shower and afterwards.


Directions of use:
For Daily Rejuvenation: Massage Gently in a circular motion And rinse thoroughly to reveal softer skin And the light fragrance of jasmine And musk. Exfoliating sugar crystals refresh skin’s appearance, while nourishing Shea Butter moisturizes And rehydrates.

Price and Quantity:

$ 5.99 for 16 oz. (454 gms)

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bodycology scrub




The scrub has a lovely lavender-pink color.  It comes in a tub with a wide mouth.  This is really a con if you use it in the shower as there are chances of water getting in the tub.  I try not to let this happen by taking out the required quantity in one go or I just switch off the shower.

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My experience with Bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub:

I had a major tan during summers.  I don’t worry about tanning issues because it normally fades away within a month. But this time when we went to Washington State Fair I got tan big time and it refuses to go.  I had used sunscreen but the sun was so harsh that day.  I have used some home-made packs suggested on IMBB but they seemed to work a little.  I have tried exfoliation and that did help to some extent.  So, I am glad that there is one more reason to use a body scrub 😀  This Bodycology scrub is not as harsh and gritty as The Bath and Body Works aromatherapy scrub.  It was less irritating for my skin. The texture is mild sugary with little walnut kernels.  It works well without hurting my sensitive skin.  The smell is same like all products from the enchanted forest pro range.  The scrub does not leave an oily film behind. However,it does not lather like The Victoria’s Secrets scrubs which I absolutely adore.  The tub is quite big and will last me a pretty long time. The only complaint I have is the presence of chemicals in it. I don’t expect a completely natural product at this low price anyway.  It is an average scrub and does the job of scrubbing well;nothing fancy.

Pros of Bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub :

1. Its a Huge tub will last a long time.
2. Lovely smell.
3. Mild scrub that’s good for sensitive skin

Cons of Bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub :

1. Not travel friendly.
2. Huge list of chemicals.
3. Not moisturizing enough.
4. Not cruelty free. (it says finished product has not been tested on animals, I assume the unfinished product was)

IMBB rating?

3/5 it’s just an average product.

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