Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash Review

Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash

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Hope you are doing fine gals. How are you going to celebrate your day today? Well am yet to discover myself independent as I am so busy in shopping and wandering outside that I could hardly remember today’s date even.. 😛 So before you make any guesses for my crazy rants, let me talk about my today’s purchase which is dedicated to body care regimen. 😛 After ditching Olay cucumber bodywash I laid my hands on this baby as I heard a lot about it through my friends and sisters. So here comes my new favourite “Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash”. This particular bodywash is a musky bath product which is great for everyone it seems..  Please read on further to know about Bodycology Enchanted Forest bodywash..


Price: $ 5.99 for 16 Fl Oz (473 ml)



What Bodycology Says: The alluring, hypnotic blend of jasmine, nutmeg and musk will enchant your senses. Beneficial Ingredients: Conditioning and hydrating honey and aloe vera.

Packaging: This heavenly smelling goodie comes in sturdy bulky bottle packaging with flip top cap. Looking at its bulky size I don’ t think it would be travel friendly however my mum in law is taking it away to India.. 😀 lol

My Experience With Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash:

Well I found it exactly the same as I heard about bodycology bath & body products, so cooling, calming and refreshing and especially this enchanted forest makes me feel like I just enjoyed a heavy rain shower in forests. I think I share special bond with forests and trees as I did my PG in agroforestry. And this woody musky smell just cherishes my college days when I used to wander in forests and gardens for practical classes, where we often used to smell rain drenched trees and wood barks which was really life time experience now I realise. The smell is truly divine which also reminds me of “satpura k jungle” poem I used to read in my childhood days, I hope you too remember the same. Every drop of enchanted forest on body seems to create magic as I feel myself lost in divine forests and dancing with trees, I hope now you may guess why am talking all the way about practical class and childhood poems. 😛


This divine smell remains for few moments on my body after I step out of shower and thereafter I feel a cool, calming sensations for few hours which is most needed these days for me as am hell busy with packing and shopping 24×7… 😛 Talking about its texture it is slight runny pale pink fluid which instantly releases heavenly aroma and lathers up the moment you rub it on wet puff or hands. Needless to say a pea size drop is enough to lather and cover whole body. I feel my body well moisturised and calm for pretty good hours though the divine smell fades away in few minutes. I never felt the need of applying body lotion after using it which is quite cool for me as my body is unlikely dry as compared to my super oily face. But now I don’t need to look for body lotions as this bodycology bodywash serves my purpose very well. Am sure it will help me to combat dryness and body odour in summers as well as in winters. Moreover this is an ultimate hit for my hubby too as it seems to be slight masculine due to presence of musky nutmeg and woody aroma.

Over all I just love this foaming woody divine goodie. I would definitely love to use it forever, however I am also interested in other variants of bodycology bath care range right now as I also got its lime coconut bodywash and am equally impressed with that too. You must try bodycology atleast once. It may seem little pricey but considering its bulky bottle and divine experience I feel it is the best deal.


Pros of Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash:

• Divine woody aromatic musky bodywash
• Just one drop lathers up enough to cover whole body
• It moisturises and hydrates even dry body very well
• The smell is really exotic and divine which reminds of woody forests
• It gives cooling, calming effect which remains for few hours and relaxes all senses well
• Sturdy and attractive flip top packaging

Cons of Bodycology Enchanted Forest Foaming Bodywash:

• The staying power of divine smell could have been more to experience heavenly forests in true sense.
• I can see list of chemicals like SLS in divine bottle.

Well I can’t help out myself as I love this baby inspite of a long list of chemicals like SLS and right now I just feel the divine aroma could have stayed longer to get that enchanted forest feel in true sense. However, it stays for few moments after I step out of shower which is pretty good enough as compared to other bodywashes. I am really impressed by bodycology now and am really keen to try whole body care and other range from bodycology. So gals if you are in love with woody aromatic little masculine musky smell then this enchanted forest is apt for you provided you do not care about the list of chemicals like I did.. 😀 So Just get it and soothe your senses.

See you soon gals..

Take care

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  1. U made us walk through the forest with this review neetu ji…well described *clap* …I have enchanted forest body mist and this is the only body mist I have used upto 90%..I love it too

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