Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash Review

Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash Review

Hi Beautifuls,

How’s the week going for you gals? Today, I am here to share an exotic experience of Hawaiian beaches.  Well, we haven’t been to Hawaii or Miami, I wish my dream comes true though 😛 Never mind, we have this refreshing coconut lime mocktail with us to enjoy the cool and refreshing Hawaiian bath at our home. So here, I come with Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash to wake you up from your dreamland for an exotic island ride. So, please read on further to know about Bodycology Coconut Lime Wash.



$5.99 for 16 fl Oz (473 ml), price may vary from store to store.


Product Description:

The sweet scent of coconut mingles with refreshing lime to help relieve stress and tension – like a tropical island getaway.  For showers, apply a small amount to hands or a sponge, and lather over skin. Rinse clean.  For a luxurious bubble bath, drizzle under warm, running water.

Bodycology body wash

Beneficial Ingredients:

Conditioning and Hydrating Honey and Aloe Vera.

Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash 2


This pale green runny fluid comes in a sturdy transparent plastic packaging with flip top cap. It is heavenly scented and seems travel friendly, available in just one 16 fl oz bulky size as far as I know.

My Experience with Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash:

I am currently swimming in an ocean of coconuts and limes 😛 Ever since I started using this heavenly mocktail in my drinks, I became a fan of coconut and limes in my bath as well 😀 This is another gift from Bodycology (my brother’s rakhi gift), a heavenly mocktail of aromatic coconuts mixed with refreshing limes. As the name says, it is a twist of aromas which soothes and relaxes all stress taking me into a new world of islands and beaches.  The moment I rub a drop with loofah on my body, I feel a strong aquatic yet earthy aroma lingering around me. It stays for almost 2-3 hours on my body, which later on turns to a powdery lemon fresh scent. Moreover, it refreshes me and wakes me up with stress-free mind and body.

Lime body wash

The texture is quite runny and a pea-sized drop makes enough lather to cover the whole body.  Even it serves best as a bubble bath, I love soaking in bubble bath on lazy Sundays when my noisy hubby and baby are fast asleep thankfully. I feel it cleanses body well without over drying, however, in winters, I need to slather on a good body cream in order to get rid of stretchy skin.  It is a must-have for summers and outdoor activities especially.  You just take a shower and need not worry about body odour and sweat thereafter.

Coconut lime body wash

Even my hubby prefers to soak in coconut lime twist body wash often when he is working from home or during hectic weekend call supports. It is an ultimate mood enhancer, once we had a historic fight (well, my hubby is fond of historic serials and I do not like any of them especially when we both are sitting together, whenever we fight for those petty serials, we name it so :P), which ended up with me sitting with a tab in bedroom and my hubby with desktop in living room and Aadya, trying to be a messenger for both of us 😉 😛 I was fuming, I stepped inside shower and within a few minutes, I was lost in coconut beaches with lime mocktail in my hands, and guess what, my hubby came there to bug me; he was actually knocking on the door.  I just don’t understand why these guys have to put their sensitive noses in all our matters. 😛 Nevermind, I gave him a toothy grin and came out like a queen singing historic parodies and he was just banging his head on the wall.  Since then whenever he repeats his silly mistakes, he simply shows me the door to shower 😀 It does smell like yummy coconut- lime drink, which reminds me of kerala backwaters or beaches, the irony is that, I haven’t been to any coconut beaches so far, either in India or USA. I badly need a break from kitchen and historic fights and need to experience divine coconut beaches and backwaters now. I highly recommend this mocktail to everyone 🙂

Coconut and lime body wash

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash:

  • Heavenly combo of aromatic coconuts with refreshing lime.
  • It does cleanse the body very well, without over drying or stretchy skin.
  • It keeps body odour and sweat at bay for a few hours.
  • A pea-sized drop is more than enough for vigorous lather.
  • It works well as bubble bath in hot water.
  • An ultimate mood enhancer.
  • The heavenly scent stays on body for 2-3 hours.
  • Its effective in keeping mind and body stress free.

Cons of Bodycology Coconut Lime Twist Foaming Body Wash:

  • It contains SLS 😛

I just hate the fact that it contains SLS.  This might be a reason behind excluding it from my next shopping list, but if you don’t mind chemicals in your bath creams and soaps and you are also craving for an exotic island beach vacation, then this is perfect for you gals. I hope you would love it!

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