Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist Review

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Today I am back with a fragrance mist review from Bodycology. “Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eye Shadow Palette” and “Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist” are two of my favourites, among the products I purchased from Dubai. I absolutely love this one! Read on to know the details.

Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist Review

Product Description:
Bodycology Pretty In Paris Fragrance Mist provides you with a delightfully smelling scent that you and others will enjoy. It sprays on evenly and in a good pattern to allow for optimal exposure on your skin or clothing. Bodycology fragrance mist can be used daily or for special occasions.

AED 68

Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist Review Label

My Experience with Bodycology Pretty In Paris Fragrance Mist:

I came across this fragrance mist in Boots Pharmacy store in Dubai while I was shopping other makeup products. A fragrance mist was unmarked on my shopping list and having seen this in the store, I started trying all the fragrance from the Bodycology range. Most of the fragrance mists that I tried, smelled good. Since I tried all the fragrances together, I got confused with the fragrance and the spray bottle. I couldn’t make out the bottle of fragrance I liked more. So, took help of the sales girl at the pharmacy to help me choose the fragrance I liked more from the Bodycology fragrance mist range. I opened the cap and tried spraying some mist on the cap to check if it matched the fragrance I wanted to buy. I was so interested in buying this mist, as it smelled amazing and just with one sniff, I was able to make a decision of buying it. I am so happy to have this one in my life.

Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist Review In Standing Position

Fragrance: There are so many beautiful smelling fragrances from Bodycology but this one is unbeatable. This mist is a blend of fragrances of French Jasmine, Clementine and Warm Vanilla Musk. All these fragrances are my favorite and combined together they make a lovable fragrance called “Pretty in Paris”. The smell of Jasmine and Clementine overpower Vanilla Musk for obvious reason that vanilla and Musk are very mild fragrances.

Staying Power: It has a very strong overpowering scent, so you’ll have to be a little careful while spraying. A little mist goes a long way and last for good 6 to 7 hours. The staying power is decent and I am glad it doesn’t go early. Since it is quiet over powering, it doesn’t budge from the clothes for few hours. If you are a person who prefers sweet and mild fragrances, then this one is not for you.

Packaging: The plastic packaging of this mist is nice and sturdy. Each mist from the Bodycology range is colored differently and the color pink makes it look pretty. The cap fits in tightly and there are no issues with the packaging. It is nice airy and sprays right amount of mist at one go and doesn’t drip after use. What I like about its packaging is that it comes in a lightweight plastic bottle and not in a glass bottle. This makes it easy to carry and my handbag doesn’t even feel its weight. I always carry a mist in my bag when I am outdoors and this is very travel friendly. Also, I like the quantity of product I get for the price tag. This is made in USA and its price differs in each country. It’s a must have for people living in USA. as this one is quite affordable over there. In India, you can find it on Amazon e-commerce site and if you are more into feminine scents, then this one is for you.

Bodycology Pretty in Paris Fragrance Mist Review Packaging

Pros Of Bodycology Pretty In Paris Fragrance Mist:

  • Lovable feminine fragrance which is a blend of fragrances French jasmine, Clementine and Warm Vanilla Musk.
  • Lightweight packaging, which is travel friendly.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Doesn’t irritate skin.
  • The scent is quiet strong and a little spray would do the job.
  • It is airy and sprays right amount of product.
  • The quantity is good for the price tag.

Cons Of Bodycology Pretty In Paris Fragrance Mist:

  • Some of you may not like its overpowering strong fragrance.
    (This isn’t a con though; it depends on your personal liking)

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase/ Recommend Bodycology Pretty In Paris Fragrance Mist?
I am definitely going to repurchase another one after I finish this and I do recommend this to people who like more feminine fragrances.

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