Bourjois 8 in 1 BB Cream – Golden Beige

Bourjois 8 in 1 BB Cream Golden Beige

8 in 1 Foundation

Bourjois BB Cream Foundation, pushes the boundaries of beauty by offering a brand new sensory quality for even more pleasure and benefits for the skin. A genuine hybrid make-up and care product, BB Cream foundation from Bourjois satisfies all complexion requirements.


INR 875 ( I saw it somewhere online for 1075 which is obnoxious, I picked it up from lifestyle for 875)


Bourjois 8in1 BB Cream

Benefits :

Evening out
Targeted correction
SPF 20

This BB Cream is so well formulated that its 4 smart shades blend perfectly with all natural colourings! A genuine radiance and refreshing boost, they light up all types of skin :

Vanille for pale skin
Beige Dore for medium golden skin
Beige Rose for medium pinkish skin
Hale clair for tanned skin

bourjois 8 in 1 bb cream golden beige 1

BB Cream from Bourjois is contained in an ultra-flat and light black compact… the perfect handbag accessory!

This elegant, intimate compact contains a very ingenious rotating panoramic mirror: it is transformed into a handbag mirror, ideal for use at all times of the day!

The integrated sponge is easily stored away alongside the BB Cream. Made from soft and micro-aerated foam, it offers easy application, and an even and ultra-natural finish.


bourjois bb cream hinged mirror


I have been using this BB cream for the past one month and I was really on the fence about this one, I took so long to really pin point what I really like or dislike about this product, and I had to be really weigh it against the heavy price tag it comes with unfortunately! It costed me 875 rupees and believe I think it is the most expensive BB cream around. 😛

I personally hated the Maybelline BB cream but loved the Maybelline BB stick honestly. The former made my oily skin shine like a star and the latter, made it comfortably matte and hence I think this one from Bourjois is somewhere in between, it is neither shiny nor matte, it has this soft sheen like a very mil dewy glow for me at least in the humid weather and on my oily skin.

bourjois bb cream golden beige swatch

The first impression is that this is like butter, might as well spread it on a toast 😛 but then the other thoughts started to sink in when I used it,the cream is really really soft due to which you end up picking up a lot, you get a really small amount there and this cannot be your everyday wear product in that case.

I tried to apply it with the sponge, the stippling brush and the fingers, what i like most is using my fingers and then blending it onto the target area, not really like a moisturizer or like any other BB cream, if you spread it like a tinted moistruriser, then it is gonna be really heavy, so use fingers for blending in places where you need it most. I badly need to set it with mild powder because it will melt otherwise in 2 hours.

bb cream

The coverage is medium, on problem free skin this will perform better and on normal skin this will be way better than on my blemished or oily skin. What I like is the shade really brightened the skin on area where I dont have problems but come pigmentation, it really gave me a very made up and ashy look.

With the medium coverage, it is build-able, but it does not photograph well,the shade here looks yellow but on me it  look pale so you have to use very less and if you build it it really looks made, Having four shades only does not help at all.


makeup sponge

Coming to oil control,it controls oil like 3 hours or so, and it does not cover pores much, it evens out skin but I am not happy with the coverage, I think it makes skin a bit smoother but then it looks ashy too somewhere on problem area on my skin.Good thing is that it blends very well.

The best part of the product is the packaging, the black case an swivel mirror it has, I cant wait to use it after the product is over an the mirror is big and you can move it the way you want to. Super duper thoughtful! I think it is bulky but nice enough to carry it in your bag.

This shade would suit fair to medium skin tones and will be most sold for Indian skin tone I think.There are lot of things I dont think this product lives upto, like even out skin, coverage, anti shine. I think this is most suited to normal skin tone and skin that is relatively problem free. I was hoping for a lot out of it with the awesome texture and the price tag it has.

bourjois bb cream golden beige


I will say try this at the counter, on your face, go and shop for the next 4 hours, come back and check how it looks, only then invest the money in it.Otherwise, you might as well buy a foundation or a tinted moisturizer or another bb cream.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5 Really on the fence about this one, problem-free normal skin can give it a shot.

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8 thoughts on “Bourjois 8 in 1 BB Cream – Golden Beige

  1. This looks exactly like my revlon makeup cum concealer *hifive* *woot* yes definitely i will try it at the counter because its expensive for a BB cream *headbang*

  2. I was thinking about getting this. Thank god I didnt *happy dance* i have oily n acne prone skin.
    Thanks alot for this review neha di *pompom*

  3. Ahem… I was pretty much interested about this one.. seems like better to skip it and get Bourjois foundation instead.. the price is really way too much ! But the packaging is fancy . *thankyou* .

  4. This BB looks nice. Ponds Bb and Garnier BB Broke me out, Please let me know if this is safe on Acne prone skin ??

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