Bourjois Paris Effet Smoky Eye Pencil and Effet 3D Max Lip Gloss Review

Bourjois Paris effet smoky eye pencil in “Intense black” and Effet 3D Max lip gloss in “65 Cassis Petillant” review.

Bourjois Paris effet smoky pencil in “Intense black”

Who comes to your mind when you think of perfect Smoky eyes? To me, it’s always Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra in Fashion and of course, Rani Mukherjee 🙂

Smokey Eyes

They almost always get it right nah?

I am pretty sure most of us can be a really picky when it comes to choosing the right pencil or liners for creating a smoky look that doesn’t end up looking like a black eye. 🙂

My love for Bourjois products made me grab a couple of shades of this pencil. I got “Intense Black” and “Grey Shadow”. I’ll be reviewing the Intense Black since I haven’t used the grey that much. There are many colours in this that range from purples to greens to greys.

Description from the Bourjois website: Double-tipped eyeliner to smudge for a perfect every day smoky look! A smoky look available in 5 deep and intense shades achievable in 2 simple steps:

  1. Outline the eye with the pencil
  2. Smudge with the brush
  • Its soft, easy-to-blend tip glides along the lashline for an intense outline in one stroke.
  • Its ultra soft brush made of natural bristles perfectly smudges the formula.
  • The result: a subtle but incredibly sexy smoky look in just 2 steps!

And it’s good for eyes:

  • High tolerance formula
  • Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Enriched with natural waxes and vitamin E & C*.

*Vitamine derivatives.

Cost: Rs. 325 for 0.03 oz.

Where to buy: I got mine at lifestyle, its available at Westside too.

What I think about this: A look at the pencil-

Bourjois Smokey Eye Pencil

  • A very funky packaging. The pencil is matte with no glitters or anything.
  • This double-sided pencil comes with a cover on both sides, is quite dark and intense, but the intensity sort of starts to fade with regular use 🙁 .
  • So, the jet black look is just for the first few times after which it is a greyish black . 🙁

How to apply:

  • I am not sure how much of a help this would be to achieve a heavy smoky eye look. But for an everyday look, I think this can be used. I apply it on my waterline and upper lash line and smudge it with the built-in brush, which by the way
  • I think is of very good quality.
  • The texture is pretty smooth which makes blending easy, so does smudging. This does not give me racoon eyes, neither is it long lasting. Maybe 2 hours tops.

See swatches of the pencil below. Bourjois Smokey Eye Pencil

I’ve applied it very lightly and smudged it only on the upper lash line, not on the lower. Pardon the crappy eyebrows. Trying to grow them.

What I like about this product:

  • Smooth, glides on very well.
  • Good for a quick smoky look.
  • The brush is of very good quality. No shedding of bristles. I usually hate the eye shadow/eyeliner smudger brushes that accompany products, but this one is really good in quality and soft.
  • Does not sting my eyes.
  • Doesn’t smudge all over the place. It just fades off, which I think is better than ending up with racoon eyes.

What I dislike about this product:

  • A bit pricey for normal black eyeliner that does not even stay beyond 2 hours.
  • The intensity of the black colour tends to fade once we start using the pencil regularly

Will I re-purchase this again? Don’t think so. In my view, if you have tried the Bourjois Khol and Contour Pencils (Rs. 240), then I would say, this is the same pencil with an extra brush at the back for smudging 🙂 . Hence, the extra cost . 🙂

My Rating: :-* :-*:-*

Overall, not a bad pencil, it’s just another pencil targeted at suckers like me who will but stuff like this in a fancy packaging .

This will definitely not give you the intense look that any Kajal can. I love Bourjois products, but this one is just average.

Have you tried this? Did it work for ya?

On to the Effet 3D Lip gloss

Now this baby was love at First sight. 🙂 I picked this up in a shade called “Cassis Petillant” shade number “65”.

I don’t want to bug you with the description from the website. They’ve just stated “pure crap” out there. It’s funny though. Read it at your own pace here. 🙂

Price: I think I got it for about Rs.650 at Lifestyle.

My thoughts on this:

  • Although this gloss was love at first sight, I did not pick it up the very first day I saw it. I thought it was a bit pricey for a normal gloss.But then it kept haunting me soo much that I HAD to pick it up:).
  • The colour is a deep plum mixed with fuchsia and golden glitters.
  • Now, don’t even try pairing this with a smoky look. It’s a bit towards the brighter side. So, I’ll warn you just in case.. 🙂

Here’s the pic of the tube and packaging.

Bourjois 3 D Max Lip Gloss

The applicator looks a little weird. It has no sponge tip, just the plastic doe foot applicator. I have no problems with it whatsoever. It deposits colour very well.

Bourjois 3D MAx Lip Gloss

The packaging is good too. The gloss does not leak out of the tube which, I notice is the case with sooo many other glosses. Here are some pics to show you the swatch and the colour. I have applied it both light and dark.

Bourjois 3 D MAx Lip Gloss lips The colour as such is quite bright as I told you. Perfect for a festive look . 🙂

What I like about this gloss:

  • Moisturizes very well and plumps up my lips. 🙂
  • True, rich colour, deep pigmentation.
  • Nice applicator
  • Very very glossy. Not sure about the 3D stuff though. 😛
  • Nice packaging . 🙂 I am one for packaging always. And I think Bourjois rocks in that department.

What I dislike about this product:

  • The smell…it reeks of an artificial fruit flavour. Takes a while for the smell to fade. 🙁
  • Not very long lasting. Takes about 2-3 hours before I need a re-touch.

Besides, all this, I still love this gloss to bits.

My Rating:  :-*:-*:-*:-* if not for the horrid smell, I would rate it as a better product.

Will I re-purchase? Yes. Will be trying different shades . 🙂

From what I’ve heard, India and Europe are the only two places where Bourjois is priced reasonably. That’s why I did not mind the price tag for this one. Looking forward to exploring more n more into the Bourjois family  Try this, I bet you ll love it as much. Hope my review on these two products helped.

What do you think of these? Do you have a current favourite from Bourjois? Share your thoughts.

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41 thoughts on “Bourjois Paris Effet Smoky Eye Pencil and Effet 3D Max Lip Gloss Review

  1. Hey Appu….very nice review…..I kind of liked the eye pencil but as u rightly said it is over priced….is the eye pencil safe to be used on the waterline?

    Never tried bourjois products till now 🙁 i shud definately explore this brand

    n the liplgoss well..i m a lipstick person so this doesnt attract me really…the colour is very nice and looks lovely on ur lips!! but 650 bucks 😯

    1. Thanks HD 🙂 i think it’s safe to use on the waterline too…I’ve uesd it and din see any allergic reactions…If u r not a gloss person, try the lip cream from this brand…its awesome 🙂

  2. Hi appu, nice review.. I really want to try ths lip gloss.. looks awesome on ur lips and good big eyes too 🙂

    1. @Radhika – The pencil is very black actually. I rubbed it with my hand in the second swatch…as u can see it doesn smudge all over just fades…with regular use the black pigment sort of fades though 🙁

      @Mrun – Thanks 🙂 I love the packaing too 🙂 that’s part of the reason i got these two 😛 😛

      @Aarthi – Thanks dear…I have don’t have big eyes actually. Mayb the mascara makes it look big 😛

  3. Very nice review. I own the pencil in dark purple. I just love the colour. All in all a nice pencil, but like you said I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

    1. Hey Ki,

      I’ve never tried their mascaras before…which one do u suggest I buy?…I am tempted to buy them every time but don’t 🙁 and yeah, u should get the kohl pencil…not this one…this is just not worth the extra 100 bucks 🙂

  4. Wow….I just adore the lip gloss…..ur sure its the liip gloss only that you that lovely color…….must have for me now!

    1. Hey Jomol,

      It’s the lipgloss only 🙂 When i use this, I usually don’t use any other products on my lips…not even lip balm! coz the colour as such is pretty bright 🙂

      Get yours soon : ) am sure u’ll loooove it 🙂

  5. Bourjois is one of my most loved brands and the last time, I almost bought Effet Smoky. But then I ended up with 2 Effet 3D pencils 🙂

    Yet to try the lipgloss…

    Btw, beautiful lips and love the shade too 🙂

  6. Now I am glad I didn’t buy the smokey eye pencils. 😛 I have my eyes on kohl and contour though. he he

    Not a gloss person at all , I don’t know but lipsticks have this magnetic effect on me.

    These looks so slurpy and delicious. No doubt so many gloss lovers love them. 😉

  7. Yeah…the kohl and contour pencil is really good and cheaper too! There is a lip cream in Bourjois the texture is in between a gloss and a lipstick mayb u can try that instead of a gloss 🙂

    I can tooootally understand ur love for lipsticks 🙂

    1. Hi Devika,

      Am not sure abt online…If u live in the US, Ulta has them. Both online and in-store. Wil let u know if I get to know of some other site 🙂

      1. Yes! Ulta does have them…now I just have to check if my Ulta has them. It’s 16 bucks, more expensive than lipglass…but I think it’s worth a shot!

        1. Yeah…16 bucks 🙂 …This is very expensive here…Cheaper in India & UK…But if u can’t wait for ur India trip then get it 😛

  8. hi tel me does bourjois kohl smudge because i found with my all dark and black underthe eye
    and tell some good darkcircle remover cream if there s a good one

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