How to Care for Oily Skin

oily skin careDo you have a shiny, greasy, oily skin type? With frequent break-outs, large pores and a greasy appearance? While you thought puberty was over, but oily skin can happen at any age. The reason for oily skin is a number of reasons, it could be hereditary, may be caused by certain cosmetics you are using, pregnancy, diet, hormone levels, weather conditions or even caused by the contraceptive pill. The oil is created by the sebaceous glands, which are microscopic glands in the skin that create sebum. Sebum is used to lubricate the skin and hair of mammals, but if not distributed evenly that’s when skin problems can occur.

Even though it may seem like there are no positives for having oily skin, there are. Oily skin is one of the slower aging skin types of them all, so that means less wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration as we get older. Now that’s a bonus, I’m sure we all would love to slow the aging process, even if it’s ever so slightly.

Care for Oily Skin

The key is not to remove too much of the skins natural oil otherwise it can be a reverse effect, with drying out the skin to much; it can cause a un- natural drying. The successful treatment of oily skin requires patience and careful care to what products you use. Proper exfoliation and water –based hydrator will help keep oily skin clean and balanced. A great cleanser to use is a detergent type foaming cleanser with a neutral or slightly acidic PH, or a gel based cleanser. For an oily skin type that is acne prone, it is good to use a antimicrobial agent that can be used to help kill the bacteria. A world renowned winning cleanser for acne prone skin is Proactive. I have many of friends using this product and the results are fabulous!

Oily skin needs plenty of proper cleansing with warm / hot water to keep the pores from getting clogged and most smooth skinimportant thing is to remember always use a toner. It helps to close the pores as well as preventing bacteria and dirt from sneaking into the pores. A number one toner I would recommend is Witch Hazel, just use a cotton wool pad and dab it all over your face after cleansing and exfoliating. Witch Hazel helps tighten the skin tissue while preventing infection. Another toner many people us is Tea Tree water skin toner, this is one of the strongest toners you can get without damaging the skin. It has wonderful cleansing properties and is especially good for troublesome acne skin.

Exfoliation is the step most people skip in their weekly skincare routine. But trust me, if you start properly exfoliating your skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference. You can exfoliate in a form of a exfoliation scrub ( a great scrub to use is, Clean & Clear warming daily pore scrub. Its not to harsh and will leave your skin squeaky clean and smooth.) Mix your exfoliating up with applying a mask twice a week, a mask is a great exfoliate when using the right ingredients.

Masks are a great way to help remove excess oil from the skin. With an oily skin type, clay masks are best recommended for it won’t over dry your skin. You can make your own clay mask, but may be a bit messy, so probably be best to leave it with a beautician. More natural products to use for a mask, is oatmeal, banana, cucumber, strawberry and yoghurt. Also to help get those extra benefits out of your mask, add some essential oils that are recommended for oily skin. Such as, Bergamot, Sage, Lemon, Juniper, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cypress and Lavender. A faster and more effective way to use these oils is by making your own facial steamer and adding these oils to the water, all you need is a bowl big enough so your face will fit over, add your selected oil to the boiling water and place your face hovering over the bowl with a towel draped over your head. It’s the best at home steamer you can get!

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  1. ure my savior… lately ive been seeing a lot of open pores on my face and was thinking abt a toner… grt article- will try the oil steam too 🙂

  2. nice article emma.. :yes: :yes: also would like to add that for oily skin types salicylic acid works like it in cleanser , moisturisers or masks…look for ingridents with salcylic acid, tea tree oil, lavander as u mentioned.. products should also be non comedogenic and teasted on sensitive skin types too.. :nerd: talking too much in morning i guess 😆

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  5. Thanks a lotttttt emmaa……. i think my face produce tonns of oil…. I had been taken 3 chemical peels, it helped me a lil bit to remove excess oil but after that I feel my skin became dull.Will definately follow the tips given by you and yesss will order proactive. :yahoo:

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