Celebrity Makeup Inspirations for Hooded Eyes

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Eye makeup has evolved a lot in recent times. Nowadays applying an eye-shadow doesn’t mean just painting your eyelid with one color and then drawing a fine liner. Modern eye makeup is all about creating a harmony of different colors and textures to achieve desired depth and definition to your eyes. But, if you have hooded eyes or mono-lids, it can be a real hard task to get your eye makeup on fleek. Today’s post is a compilation of some real clever hooded eyes makeup from celebs which you can also try and recreate to make those eyes look just as gorgeous.

hooded eyes

Camilla Belle:

camilla belle
This American actress has made her hoods look wonderful with the smart eye makeup choices she makes every single time. She gets a faded smokey eye with hints of deep brown. And, the magic here is the same shadow dragged in the under eye area too. She uses generous coats of mascara and tight-lines both upper and bottom lash line to give her eyes a definition. That intelligent angled highlight under her brow also adds beauty to her hooded eye makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence mostly opts for smokey eye. Deep coppery eye shadows are her best friend. The smudged kohl under her lower lashline makes her eyes look bigger. You can clearly see a dark eye shadow has been dragged and smudged well on the lid to create the whole eye look. Inner corners are brightened a little but the hero here is the smudged black outline of the eye which is faking big deep eyes look.

Blake Lively

blake lively
Blake brightens up her inner corners and trusts her mascara. There is smudged kohl all around the eye except inner corners as you can see here. It’s her mascara which is doing all the talking. Her bottom lashes look so luscious that it takes away all the attention from hoods to those dramatic lashes.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift
What Taylor does is a super thick flick to give her hooded crease-less eyes a definition. And, then her inner corners are brightened up, also some serious kohl is going on. This gives her cat like eyes and us, an inspiration to rock winged eyeliner on our hooded eyes.

Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr
Miranda Kerr rocks a simple yet sultry look with some gorgeous brown eye shadow. The inner corners of her eyes are bright and the same color on her lower water line is making her eyes look bigger. For wide-set eyes like hers, applying a dark brown shadow (same as your natural contour shade) gives her eyes depth and less ‘far-from-each-other’ look.

Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt
Alia Bhatt does have hoods. But, we hardly notice them. Reason? Well, it’s her makeup cheating us. To get her eye makeup look, you would need nice kohl, mascara and a warm shade of brown eye shadow. That’s it. A nice wash of color on her lid camouflages the hoods and then generously applied kohl does the trick. Her eyes look very young altogether because she doesn’t really gets her eyebrows done like everyone. They are unruly and we love them. She sometimes creates fake, fuller-lash look by flicking a little wing taking the guideline of her natural lashes.

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