Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser Review


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This is the 3rd and last part of my “cleanser series” of the cleansers which my ma brought for me. The first two products were simply superb….mind blowing. However I am not very fond of this third product. Read on to know why….


From the website:

With SUBLIMAGE, cleansing becomes an art: an exquisite, pure-pleasure ritual, essential for beautiful skin.
Applied with the most delicate touch, this cleanser also has a generous dimension. As it caresses the skin, the gel transforms into an infinitely soft oil.

Ever so subtly, it rids skin of impurities and makeup, even waterproof makeup. Next, the cotton cloth, moistened with warm water, gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it perfectly cleansed. Finally, precious Camellia and Jojoba oils bring a soothing touch and incomparable comfort.

A moment of pure pleasure and serenity for the skin. Facial tension slips away. Glowing with well-being, skin feels supple and velvety once again.


Formulated with: Sugar derivates, Camellia and Jojoba oils

How to use: Act 1 Apply a small amount of gel to the entire face and massage into the skin. Using small circular movements, as you massage the gel will transform into a delicate oil. Then, massage onto lashes to remove eye makeup. Act 2 Moisten the enclosed cotton cloth with warm water and place it on your entire face, like a comforting mask. Delicately press the cloth against your skin, and let the warmth stimulate the relaxing and soothing effects of the precious oils. Then press with light circular movements to remove all traces of makeup. Act 3 Remove the cotton cloth and rinse skin thoroughly.

Price: 70 GBP (OUCH!!!!!!)

My experience with Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

This is “ESSENTIAL COMFORT CLEANSER”. Is it a cleanser? Yes. Is it Comfortable? Yes. Is it Essential to my skin care routine? NO…Absolutely not.

First of all, it comes in a luxurious looking tube packaging which is enclosed inside a box. The box also contains a white, 100% pure cotton cloth to gently scrub the face after cleansing. The cloth is very soft and gentle in use. The tube contains 150ml product. The product itself is a gel to oil based product which has a very nice smell (vanilla, I think). Very little amount of product is needed to cleanse entire face and neck.

The cleansing process is just like any other cleansing oil. It has to be applied on dry skin. On rubbing the product onto the skin, it turns into an oil and starts dissolving all remnants of the day from the face. . Chanel recommends that the face should be gently exfoliated with the cotton cloth to finish the cleansing process.. Then a few drops of water turns this into a milky emulsion, following which it has to be rinsed off with luke warm water.


It is a very gentle and mild cleanser which does remove makeup and other dirt from the skin. It does not dry out the skin at all. It leaves the skin extremely soft and supple and hydrated. The face has a glow following the cleansing process.

But….But…..But…Yes, this product has many BUTS!!!! The fragrance is a bit overepowering. It irritates my eyes during the cleansing process.,,,so much that it is advisable not to use this product to remove eye makeup. And it does not do a proper job of cleansing as well. I mean, come on….Cleansers should clean. Especially one as expensive as this should clean very well. But this product, in the claims of being a gentle cleanser, does not clean as well as it ought to. It does not remove my eyeliner and mascara…and it does not remove my lip colors thoroughly too, even on rubbing my face with the wash cloth. I don’t think it removes my sunscreen very well either. You will definitely need another cleanser or make up remover along with this.
All in all…I have not found it to be essential to my routine skin cleansing. There is a serum, an eye cream and a moisturiser in this SUBLIMAGE line as well, which have got very good reviews. As for this cleanser, I must say I am sorely disappointed. I am trying to finish off this product by using it as the second cleanser in my double cleanse routine.




Pros of Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

• Luxurious, travel friendly packaging.
• Delicious fragrance
• Gentle cleanser
• Does not dry out the skin
• Gives a glow to the skin
• Comes with a cotton wash cloth which is very soft
• Contains various oils which are good for the skin
• Will last a long time

Cons of Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser:

• Does not cleanse properly….especially water proof makeup
• Irritates the eyes during cleansing
• Very expensive
• Very limited availability in India.

IMBB rating: 3/5

Considering the brand value and the price, I think Chanel should have come up with a much better cleanser. Agreed that it is very gentle on the skin….But I still think..Cleansers should clean.

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