Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel – Review

Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel

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Today’s review is about a thing you use daily and which can transform your day,yes…a shower gel!! Using a good shower gel in the morning ensures that you remain fresh all day and it also makes sure you get a continuous supply of happy hormones throughout the day. For me, a shower gel can make or break my day. Earlier I used to love Palmolive’s thermal spa crushed coconut body wash which I absolutely loved. It was also an amazing scrub for the body. After using 3 of those, I got bored and switched to the product I am going to review today. It is Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel. Let’s see how this shower gel fared.

Cinthol Intense Shower Gel


Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel.


Rs. 150


200 ml

What the company says:

Enjoy a refreshing bathing experience after your heavy schedule with this Intense Shower Gel from the beauty house of Cinthol. Ideal for use by both men and women, this shower gel is designed to give you a calm and relaxed mind. This Cinthol Intense Shower Gel provides your skin with complete protection from the germs. It helps your skin fight against these germs which are responsible for bad body odour. Using this shower gel will provide your skin with body odour protection thus, making you feel refreshed and energetic throughout your day. This shower gel injects a subtle hint of freshness and energy to your senses with its rich formula.

Cinthol Intense Shower Gel 2


It comes in a stylish black bottle which kind of a curved rectangle in shape (I sound so silly).

My experience with Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel:

It’s an absolutely refreshing shower gel. The shower gel in transparent and has a musky refreshing clean fragrance. The main concern with me is that I need something to wake me up in the shower because I am half asleep when I enter the shower in the morning. The Palmolive crushed coconut body wash was amazing but it carried me further to a state of absolute luxury and I got late for office, so, this intense shower gel is good for the sleepy morning when you need a kick to get up. It smells very very fresh and clean. The bottle looks very stylish and is easy to handle. This shower gel is perfect to break your sleepy mornings and you will come to office full of energy. One more thing is that it leaves the skin squeaky clean. The only problem I think would be that ladies who like a luxurious scented body wash and want the fragrance to last for some time then this is not for them. But I have found a solution to that problem also…This shower gel is perfect for the morning and the luxuriant fragrant body wash can be kept for the long baths after the office when you have all the time you want to soak in the luxury.

vCinthol Intense Shower Gel 3

Pros of Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel:

1) Fresh, clean fragrance.
2) Bottle is stylish and easy to handle.
3) Makes you feel fresh all day.
4) Leaves your skin squeaky clean.
5) Its unisex so there isn’t a need for two separate body washes in the bathroom.
6) Great quantity.

Cinthol Intense Shower Gel 4

Cons of Cinthol’s Germ Protection Intense Shower Gel:

1) Ladies who like a luxurious fragrant body wash will not like this.

As I said..If u need a kick to get you out of your sleep like me…Then this is a perfect body wash to awaken your senses.

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