Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion Review

Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion Review

Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion Review

This is the second body lotion from the Enliven gift hamper which my friend gifted me. I was pretty disappointed by the “Enliven Aloe Vera and Cucumber Hand and Body Lotion” because that did not do anything good to my skin. I was very apprehensive before using this variant as I had pretty bad results previously, but I read one IMBB member mentioning in one of her comments that she likes this lotion. So, I went ahead and did the experimenting myself. The product being reviewed here is “Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion.”

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Product Description:

Enliven is a modern range of high quality health and beauty products especially created to satisfy today’s consumer needs.  The Enliven range is made in England at our own factory called DCS Manufacturing in Stratford-upon-Avon where we are BRC certified and thus can ensure consistent high quality products. By creating both high quality and good value we aim to gain our customers lifetime loyalty to the Enliven brand. We have sold over 20 million bottles since the brand was established and had hundreds of letters of compliments. A big thank you to our loyal customers.  Enliven Skincare: For all your skin care needs – specially formulated for beautiful, healthy skin.  Enliven Skin Care. A range of great products to help keep skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy.


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65 INR for 100 ml.

Shelf Life:

There is no mention of shelf life on the bottle.


The body lotion comes in a transparent rectangular bottle with screw cap having a press down opening for the dispensing of the lotion. You actually need to press the bottle 2-3 times to make the lotion come out of the opening. You can control the amount of lotion you need. There are no chances of leakage as the cap shuts tightly and hence making it travel friendly.

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My Take on Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion:

There is something peculiar and attractive in these body lotions that even though they don’t perform well, you still want to use them. For me, the appealing factor is the packing and the fragrance up to some level. I really cannot describe the fragrance this particular lotion has, but it is very close to some mildly scented sweet floral body lotion. I like it a lot but have to sniff hard to trace the fragrance. This is one good point for people who don’t like heavily-scented body lotions.

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Now, coming to the moisturizing part, this is far better than the previously reviewed lotion. It makes skin soft and supple after application and retains moisture for quite some time, but nothing that great. You start feeling the need of reapplying it as the time passes by, say after some 4 hours. The lotion is of normal consistency and you have to massage a bit to get it absorbed in the skin completely.

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Pros of Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion:

  • Mildly fragrant.
  • Makes skin smooth and supple.
  • Attractive packaging.

Cons of Enliven Daily Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion:

  • The smoothness and suppleness starts fading out from the skin within a few hours of application. You need to reapply it to prevent the skin from dryness.

Finally, I would like to say that this product also failed to live up to its claims of moisturizing the dry skin. It is just like any other normal body lotion. This lotion can be good for people with oily-normal skin. It surely is not meant for people with dry skin like me.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. hey nice review pallavi. i have been using this for some time and i think it will suit dry skinned people better. i have normal skin and i find it tad heavy n thick for my skin type.

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