Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum Review

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum Review

My severe hair fall made me pick up anything and everything promising over the days.  I did not miss picking up stuff from the chemist’s shop as well and this serum is one of those products.  I decided on Cipla because it’s a well-known name in the pharmaceutical market. Read on further to find out whether it worked for me or not.

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum


Rs. 230/- for 50 ml.


Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum

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My Experience with Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum:

Packaging:  The serum comes in an outer paper box with all the details mentioned along with the ingredients. The outer carton is simple white and pink in color. It mentions avocado oil which is very good for hair. The method of application is mentioned on the outer box. The serum comes in a plastic bottle with a transparent cap which protects the pump. The pump is of good quality and the quantity of product can be controlled. The bottle being transparent, it is easy to determine the quantity of product left.

Texture: The serum is very much like any other serum available in the market. Initially, it is a bit oily, but on damp hair, it absorbs well and is non sticky. There is no residue on the palm after the application of the serum.

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum

Performance:  I bought this with high expectations, but with a few uses, this proved to be one big dud. Not only did it make my hair dry, it also made combing a mammoth task. My hair was all tangled and life-less with no health or shine whatsoever. Moreover, I faced huge hair fall problem only due to this.  I tried using it on various levels of dampness, but got the same results each time.

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum

Just to be double sure about the serum, I requested my husband to use this for a few times and he faced the same results, thus he has decided not to use my stuff henceforth *mybad* *poorthing*

Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum

Pros of Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum:

  • Functional packaging.
  • Non sticky.
  • Availability.
  • No parabens.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum:

  • Does nothing.
  • Gives immense hair fall.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum?

No way, never!

Would I Recommend Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum?

No please, better use a drop of olive oil at the ends.  This serum has added to my hair woes, but thankfully, the effect was not a long term one.

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5 thoughts on “Cipla X-Gain Hair Serum Review

  1. Hi,

    My doctor prescribed me and i am using this from last 6 months.
    My hair was so thin initially in too curly with split ends.
    initially when i started using it i did not see any change in my hair but now after 6 months my hair become thick and almost no splits ends.

    i did not face any issue of drying hair n hair fall.

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