Habibs Hair Serum Review

Habibs Hair Serum

Hello ladies,
I’m still a novice in writing product reviews as I have just realized how to properly use them and I am still learning the art of putting the experience into words. Jomol and Neha S. requested me to do the review of Habibs hair serum in my haul post, so here I am with my views on the product, hope u like it.

habibs hair serum

Before I review Habibs Hair Serum, a brief description of my hair:

I have a fairly good quality hair, below shoulder length, not shiny, frizzy, dry or wavy hair. My hair tends to get knotty and leads to breakage, and it is difficult to comb my hair dry or wet. I do use heating products on my hair but not very often.

Habibs Hair Serum Claim

Nourishes hair, ease tangles, induces sheen and lusture. Rejuvenates dry and chemically treated hair. Wonder cure for split ends.

Price: Rs 240 for 100 ml
Available at most of the stores

habibs hair serum

Application of Habibs Hair Serum

For best results take a few drops and apply on the hair after the final rinse to make hair smooth and lustrous. I don’t use on very wet hair as it weighs down my hair so I take a coin size amount rub it in my palms, just run my hands through my hair starting at the ends and working my way up on my damp hair.

habibs hair serum

Pros of Habibs Hair Serum

1. The consistency of the liquid is good, not runny.
2. It helps to comb damp hair without breakage.
3. Little quantity of the serum evenly covers my hair.
4. Reduces frizz, leaves a bit of shine, mild floral smell.
5. Can be applied as heat protectant.
6. Decent packaging, see through bottle lets u know the amount of product left.
7. Lasts long, it has three years of shelf life.
8. Easy to carry, cork on the top prevents leakages.
9. Not tested on animals.
10. Company says it cures split ends, I have no idea about it but it does prevent split ends.

Cons of Habibs Hair Serum

1. The consistency of the serum is slightly thick, if not rubbed properly will not spread evenly.
2. Too much of the serum weighs down my hair and looks like oily hair.
3. It has screw lid which is difficult to open to reapply.
4. Doesn’t have any ingredients list, but it smells like scented silicon
5. Over use makes hair sticky.
6. Strengthening does not last long.

My personal rating would be 3 on 5

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18 thoughts on “Habibs Hair Serum Review

  1. o reeena, u know i had myhair cut done from habib’s 2-3 times n they would always use this on my hair! it suited me a lot! :yahoo: thanks for the review…gues i might try it stick to tbs for hair care :toothygrin:

    1. thanks natasha.. i m sucker for serums and have 2-3 types of them..but stell yet to find my HG..TBS abd fab india have few good hair care products.. 🙂

  2. Hi Reena, thanx fr the review. Searching for a not-so glossy serum fr my sister. Went to Habib’s 1ce fr haircut, not te original a frnchisee wala. Saw it there on the shelfs. Will get it next time. 🙂

  3. BTW can anybody plz suggest me a conditioner/serum vch can give some extra shine 2 the hair. Presently i’m using Lotus conditioner and i love it. Lately my hair looks so dull and lifeless due to dandruff and the dandruff shampoos. :((

  4. don’t know if i will ever use this product but i’m looooooving the blue coloured glass bottle a looooooot!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: i have a fetish for such coloured bottles and window panes..ithey have a vintage feel to them and i’m a sucker for such things.. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. I have seen this around at stores but since i use absolutely no serums etc for my hair , I never paid attention to it. Thanks for the review. WIll keep this in mind if I ever I need it. 🙂

  6. Nice one Reena. Even I’ve cut my hair from his studio in thepast and they used this before the blow dry . Felt good that time. The bottle has such a nice vintage look na 😀

  7. habibs are just the money suckers they only know how to ruin one’s hair…..i did rebonding of my hair from habib parlour and they ruined all my hair………my hair got frizzed and curly even after my first wash at home …habibs r the real rascals ……don’t ever go there….. :idk:

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    I got hair cut from HABIB ist time………………………they used this serum over my hair……………….my hair looking so nice…….it suited me a lot! :pompom: my hair so soft……….

  9. hey reena, can you suggest me a good and cost effective serum from the products you’ve used? my hair is shoulder length, straight, a lil bit frizzy though.. they used to shine beautifully before till i got the hairfall problem! that got sorted but my hair is dull and not so shiny now!

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