Wella High Hair Gloss Serum Review

Before straightening my used to be wavy and during the days I wash my hair it used to be a little frizzy and thus drinking up the natural shine from my hair. So followed by every hair wash I had to apply little oil to give that shine. I started skipping this while rushing to work so my hair never had that shine to it. When I asked the parlour ladies to help me out they suggested me to get Wella High Hair Gloss Serum. Since I have good experience with Wella I didn’t hesitate to buy this at all 🙂
wella high hair gloss serum

From the bottle

Ultra Shine finish for all styles and hair types which enhances the appearance of coloured hair and provides an anti-frizz effect. Wella Multi Protect Formula gives protection and shine with pro vitamin B5 and UV filter.

Application– Spray Wella High Hair Gloss Serum sparingly from a distance of 10-15 cm onto dry hair.
wella high hair gloss serum1
After drying my hair I used to spray Wella High Hair Gloss Serum and just rush to work. My hair looked more shiny and manageable and of course my friends did notice the difference and appreciated my hair. I fell in love with this product immediately 🙂 This comes in a easy to use spray bottle and feels light thus sometimes I even carry it with me.

The 75 ml serum costs Rs.475 and it is completely worth it. It smells like a mild shampoo and as light as water. It gets absorbed by the hair immediately and leaves the shine in the hair.

Pros of Wella High Hair Gloss Serum

• Does what it claims. Provides good shine and hair looks gorgeous.
• Convenient packaging.
• Easy to use spray bottle.
• The serum is as light as water.
• Smells like a mild shampoo and thus I love the smell on my hair.
• Transparent bottle and hence gives an idea about how much product is left.
• I feel this suits all hair type. All one has to do is spray the right amount based on the hair type.
wella high hair gloss ingredients

Cons of Wella High Hair Gloss Serum

• Available only in selected salons.
• Gets over very quickly. 1 bottle lasts me hardly for a month.
• It is a bit expensive. Though I am happy with the results I feel the cost for 75ml is a bit too much.

My Rating– 4/5     1 point taken for the price.

Will I Repurchase– Yes for sure. I am very much happy with the effects. It exactly does what I expect from the serum.

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24 thoughts on “Wella High Hair Gloss Serum Review

  1. nice one……………..even i was searching a good hair spray…………..i will try to find out this one……….but anybody advise me for a good hair spray …………..use for occasionally…………..????????? ?:) ?:) ?:)

  2. Aarthi….another good review of a product which will be very useful to me………I always wondered how girls with wavy hair live in humid conditions…. :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  3. spray giving instant shine.. i cud also try this then.. i luv to hav an extra shine in my hair.. wud be on a look out for this. thanxx aarthi… :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. nice review aarthi… i wish u’d have done this sooner! i too got my hair rebonded now… how do you care for your hair after straightening?

    1. Everyone suggested me deep conditioning anks.. For the first 2 weeks I didn’t tie my hair much and then I use a conditioning mask everytime I shampoo my hair and before bath I apply oil and leave it for 30 mins..

  5. thankssss for the revuew aarthi… i always wondered abt this.. i will sooo get this.. and it has uv filter too :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

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