Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin Review

Skin type: Combination, sensitive, acne prone; oily in summers and dry in winters

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Today, I am here to share my views about Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream which is meant for normal to combination skin. It’s a revitalising night cream that targets fine lines, nourishes and smoothes facial skin while you’re asleep. To know more, kindly continue reading.


Price: $56.00 for 50ml
Product Description:
Targets fine lines, revitalizing night cream.
Skin Type: Normal, Combination, Oily
Texture: Cream
Encapsulated teasel extract delivers targeted revitalising and anti ageing action to where your skin needs it most. Revitalising organic California poppy extract helps absorb the visible effects of late nights and interrupted sleep; skin looks smooth, toned and rested by morning.
Targets Early Wrinkles:
Hectic days, a fast paced life, stress and lack of sleep leave their mark on your face. Now you have an exceptional skincare designed for gorgeous results; a double dose of nature and science that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while reviving tired skin.
Key Ingredients:
Organic Teasel: Beneath a prickly exterior, teasel holds a wealth of revitalising virtues. Also known as Venus’ Basin, the rainwater that collects within its bowl of leaves was used as a cosmetic in ancient times. Helps minimise the look of fine lines and wrinkles caused by a stressful lifestyle.
Myrothamnus: This hearty plant from the mountains of southern Africa has the ability to survive severe water deprivation. Fights the effects of daytime stress to help visibly minimise fine lines and boost radiance.
Organic California Poppy: Every morning, the California poppy opens up its spectacular golden flowers, only to close each evening to revitalise itself. Helps absorb the visible harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep; skin looks smooth, toned and rested by morning.
It comes packaged in a blue coloured, oval shaped, frosted glass jar; this jar has a white and gold coloured screw open cap. An inner white coloured plastic lid is provided which fits the jar well. This jar comes packaged in a white and mauve coloured cardboard box. The packaging can be termed as travel-friendly.

My Experience with Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin:

I have already reviewed the day version – Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream SPF 20 – which I have been using almost day in, day out. I am very happy with the results. Hence, I picked up the night version of this cream too. It’s a while coloured, soft and silky cream with an ultra light and creamy texture. It has a lovely, relaxing fragrance. I apply the cream before bed on a cleansed face. It gets absorbed quickly and a little goes a long way. It does not make my skin oily or greasy or cause any breakouts. It does not dehydrate or dry my sensitive skin out. It’s a light textured cream which is best for night time. It does its job while I am sleeping; I wake up with a fresher, brighter, less stressed and smoother facial skin.


They have two variants in this range, and I have selected the one for normal to combination skin type since this one is also suitable for oily skin type. It does not work wonders overnight, but regular usage definitely gives good and long-lasting results. This night cream revives tired skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Actually I have recently started using creams at night. I never used to apply any night cream since I tend to get dandruff which falls on my pillow cover and then it might get stuck to my face, leading to breakouts. However, I have now understood the importance of using a night cream – be it a light textured one or gel-based.


I started with Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque. After finishing it, I picked up this one by Clarins for autumn and winters. Regular usage of this Clarins night cream has given good results. I wake up with a smoother, fresher and hydrated skin texture. It has helped minimise wrinkles and fine lines. It has revived my tired skin by boosting radiance. In my opinion, normal to combination and oily skin types can use this. For normal to dry skin types, the other variant is available.



Pros of Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin:

⦁ Exceptional night cream designed for gorgeous results.
⦁ A double dose of nature and science.
⦁ Made of plant extracts.
⦁ Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
⦁ Revives tired skin.
⦁ Gets easily absorbed.
⦁ Delivers desired results by morning.
⦁ Can be used by normal, combination and oily skin types.
⦁ The fragrance is very nice and relaxing.
⦁ Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin:

⦁ None in my opinion

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream for Normal to Combination Skin?
Yes to both!

Thanks and cheers!

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