Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Chocolate

Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Chocolate

This is another beauty from my Clinique collection which has been sponsored by IMBB I am particularly happy with this shade, because I have been a fan of cream mattes and orange rust based shades. This is just that plus it is not cakey at all, it feels super light, no drying and also moisturizing and it has this velvety texture which is not buttery but feels sturdy when you apply it, so this color has to find a permanent place in your vanity.


The color is named pink chocolate but I could see more of orange and rust in it, very little pink may be in bright light, but yes it has brown to it,so it is rightly named. Needless to say I love the heavy metallic click lock back and the motifs print case box they come in, I have a huge collection now of Clinique lipsticks thankfully they have names as well as numbers or else it would have been tough for me 😛 anyway so this packaging is truly a collector’s item some classic feel to it is apparent



The color is soft rusty brown, which I love , the color is shimmer free in fact it has this semi matte finish you cannot call it powder matte but still it looks like a very nourishing matte, the finish is semi matte well almost matte but the texture hardly feels like a drying matte which is amazing don’t you think. If you love mattes and have dry lips then this is just right for you, it feels smooth and nourishing and not at all drying.No doubt it has some pink undertones but on me it comes out more of an orange warm color.



The lipstick feels sturdy and and when you apply it, it feels very smooth but not cakey as in it won’t form thi s layer but you can build it up. the color is great for most skin tones, for day and office wear and it wont bleed at all, it transfers minimally.


The lasting power is not long like they claim 3-4 hours is what you are looking at, but a very nice color and a very comfortable to wear lip color, this is what it is.





IMBB rating; you might find it little similar to Clinique paprika.but this is not glossy.


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17 thoughts on “Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Chocolate

  1. neha, i like the out door shade reflection more than indoor and as always, ever and ever….a 100/100 rated lip swatch, a well elaborated review. i just expected a little longer wearing time from clinique. also, i know they are available no where here so just a feast of eye for me *cry*

        1. i have never explored cosmetic malls of Islamabad or Lahore because i prefer to shop without hubby and i can’t go either places without him *yawn*

  2. wow.. seems its best for day light.. *woot* totally loved it on u especially in natural light.. *whistle* Hw ws ur big day gal.. *oye balle* *oye balle* hope u enjoyed growing older.. *oye balle* *oye balle*

  3. Beautiful shade *woot* *woot* *woot* this lasts pretty well too *happy dance* *happy dance* thinking of getting one from the store *pompom* *pompom* have to attend a wedding and totally want long lasting lippies *pompom*

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