Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

My readers tell me that I am becoming predictable! I want to break the mold. So here I am – for the first time ever – reviewing a n*de or a MLBB shade for all the lovely ladies who prefer these and shy away from colour. If at the end of the review, I receive less comments, I will definitely correlate it saying – “More people prefer my neon shades”!! LOL!!!

Clinique - Long Last Lipstick - Pink spice
Lets face it, we all do need a couple of MLBB shades – for the times we want to go dramatic with our eyes. The neons just clash way too much. I remember attending a MAC lesson where the 2 looks I covered were “pigment application on eyes” and “defining the pout”. So, by the end of the 2 hours, I had bright purple on my lids and Impassioned on my lips! Trust me, not a good combo!

So, in my search for an MLBB kind of shade, I went to Clinique – known for their natural looking makeup. The colour I chose was Pink Spice. (Though that was not the only colour I picked! Yeah – somebody spank me pls!!)

The Product Details (from the website):

Longest-wearing, soft shine formula. Keeps its just-applied look for hours. Won’t feather, creep, stain or dry out.
Coverage – Medium
Clinique - Long Last Lipstick - Pink spice


$15 in US / In India @ INR 1300.


The lipstick comes in standard packaging with a silver metallic ribbed case. The case is not hefty and fairly light instead. The lipstick has a normal twist-up mechanism.As is common with most lipstick brands, there is no colour indicator except for the sticker at the bottom of the lippy. Squint,squint and some more squinting needed!

Clinique - Long Last Lipstick - Pink spice1

My experience with Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

Color: The colour is more spice than pink with a hint of plum in it – giving it more life. It has a subtle shimmer (not frost). There is no grittiness due to the shimmer. The colour applies as an MLBB shade with a sheen to it. It would work great with dramatic eyes or pronounced cheek colour.

Texture: The texture is creamy and goes on smoothly without any tug or pull. The lipstick is like a MAC satin finish lipstick – which goes on creamy but later tends to suck moisture and make the lips look dry.

Pigmentation: A single swipe deposits 50% color. You do need to build it with a couple more swipes.

Lasting power:How do you make out if an MLBB shade is still on your lips? Since I am new to the world of n*de/MLBB shades, I really need help on this. I had to keep squinting at the mirror! OK! I’m kidding! Considering the Long last claims, the product barely stayed around for 3.5-4hrs and disappeared totally with my meal, leaving behind my dry lips.

Clinique - Long Last Lipstick - Pink spice2
To sum this up for you:

Pros of Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

1. A beautiful n*de/MLBBshade – with subtle shimmer.
2. Moderate pigmentation – Need atleast 2-3 swipes to build up the colour sufficiently.
3. Easy to apply from the tube
4. Lipstick applies easily – no tug or pull!
5. Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
6. There was no feathering or bleeding
7. Decent unique packaging

Clinique - Long Last Lipstick - Pink spice3

Cons of Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

1. Clinique products are not easily available in India – except select ShopperStop counters or Clinique outlets (again associated with Shopperstop).
2. Not very long lasting – as its touted to be.
3. Not very hydrating either

IMBB Rating:

Yes, a 3/5 product.

The product isn’t bad – however, it does not deliver on the claims of being longlasting or hydrating. For an MLBB shade its decent. However, MAC Mehr is an MLBB shade for me – I do need more colour on my lips Gals! Can’t help it!

Anxiously awaiting comments on this one.

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22 thoughts on “Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Pink Spice

  1. Shade is nt for me but u rockkd it kk.. *clap* thank god I nvr picked this goodie, I also love colors on my lips *hifive* I wud try mac meher nw.. *happydance*

    1. U are a Gurrl after my own heart Neetu! I dont get the point of n*de lip pies – might as well pick a lip balm, no?? I like colours – they are so much more fun!!

      Mehr is nice Neetu – although, i remember, for smokey eyes, the MAC MUA had toned even Mehr down with a n*de lip gloss…what a waste. I like Mehr on its own – try it. But, its Matte, huh.

  2. the shade and the packaging is truly praise worthy KK, you always go out of the scope to choose lipstick brands *clap* that’s the best thing i find in your posts ….. suits you like anything *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou* for the encouraging words Aditi! Im an ashamed hoarder and extremely embarrassed now. I hope to do a blog sale one day coz I DEFINITELY DONT NEED these many. I have to get off this addiction!

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