Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral

Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral

I know summers are being taken over by the monsoons in India and you have pretty much had your fill of all things Coral but I have to share one more! I have been wanting to try (read buy) Clinique lipsticks for quite some time – found the packaging cute! But when I had seen the shade swatches online – didn’t really get attracted to any colour. Honestly, the colours looked a little “grandma” kinds!

Clinique longlast lipstick  runway coral

However, a chance meeting with a coral beauty changed things for me! And I want to introduce this beauty to you!

Okay, now there is an official story about it and then there is an unofficial one from me.


The Product – Clinique Long Last Lipstick:

Longest wearing, soft shine formula. Keeps its just-applied look for hours. Wont feather, creep, stain or dry out.
Coverage: Moderate

Clinique long last lipstick runway coral 2 (3)

The Colour – Runway Coral:

“Direct from Fashion Week in NYC! Get the look – the the vibrant coral lip colour – created by Clinique’s Global Colour Artist, Jenna Menard, for Karen Walker’s Spring/Summer 2012 runway show. Here for a limited time.”

The Inspiration – “Karen wanted the models to look youthful and pretty with a sophisticated twist. So I kept the eye very simple, the cheeks healthy – and then went for a strong, vibrant lip. I chose bright coral because its less expected than red, and I went to the Clinique lab to create exactly the right shade. It worked with Karen’s entire collection as well as all the model’s skin tones.”

clinique lipstick

Bright and Bold:” A sophisticated lip is the perfect balance to the look’s youthful cheeks and eyes. I applied the color with the lip brush so the effect was very grown-up and precise, but the bright coral lips keep it playful.”

This was Summer/Spring 2012. Post the Fashion week, the product was made available to the US Market as an online exclusive. It was sold-out in a months time. And it continued to be talked (read demanded) in the beaty blogsphere. Net result, 2013, its back in the market – this time available as a permanent shade! That’s the power of the consumer….meaning you!! In US, it is being sold online and through Cliique counters. (By the way….Its already sold-out online). Fortunately for us, in India, the product is still available at Clinique counters/stores.

Now the Unofficial story – my purchase story – I had gone to the Clinique counter to pick up some more Chubby Sticks and was sold the story of this special “limited edition” colour available with them, of which only the last piece was available! Hmmmm…2 words buzzing in my brain – “LE” (Limited Edition) and Coral. I know you and me are sick of the word “Coral” but we do love it!! Don’t we?? When I bought this, I promised myself, this would be the last lipstick or atlrast the last coral lipstick that I buy for myself (…buy for myself this month???) 😉 And then I came across some swatches of Maybelline ColorSensational Vivid Lipcolor and drooling for more corals already! “Spank!!” “Spank!!””

Clinique long last lipstick runway coral 2 (1)

Coming back to my story…as you guessed, I gave in! However, before picking up the lipstick, I checked with the SA if more pieces of the product would be available in other stores….Logic being, whats the point of reviewing a product if its not going to be available to buy! And she replied, “Oh! More pieces would be coming to us by next week.” Hmmmmmm….doesn’t sound like a limited edition. Anyeways, I liked the color, so I picked it. But I did take the details of the Estee Lauder PR person from Estee Lauder counter to reconfirm…NEWS FLASH – it is NOT limited edition. Its limited edition only for Clinique’s US website.

I don’t know what I hate more, an SA trying to be over-smart to sell a product or one which doesn’t have correct information!! Anyways!


$15.00 online on and already sold out!
Available at the Clinique counter for INR 1300 for 4gms


The Packaging is standard Clinique lipstick packaging – silver chrome ribbed cylindrical tube. It comes packed in the standard green box.I like the shiny silver packaging and find it very chic!


Runway Coral is a pink toned Coral shade. Initially, when the SA swatched it on my hand, it felt as if the color was a dupe of MAC Impassioned. So I quickly hopped across to MAC to swatch Impassioned against this. On closer Impassioned, they were nowhere similar except that they both do fall in the coral category.

However, when I wore it I realized that the texture of the product is extremely buttery (though I do not think it will melt as easily as the Chubby Stick Intense or Revlon lip butters do) and soft on application. Meaning, though it is pigmented, you do have to put 2-3 strips and build it up to the color of the tube. The feel of the lipstick is extremely soft and hydrating when applied. However, as time goes by, it starts feeling matte and ended with a little drying feeling (Pls note, I have extremely dry lips). It has a light glossiness which fades in about an hour. There is no tug or pull while applying it.

Clinique long last lipstick runway coral 2 (2)

For the Indian skintone, this is definitely NOT bold or Neonish. On the contrary, I think it is an excellent alternative for people who would like a bright coral but not something as bold or OTT as MAC Impassioned or Estee Lauder Coral Fantasy (though both of the later colrs are fabolous in their own right and my personal favorites!)

Coming to the Long Last claim – It lasts for about 6 hours (with one snack in between) leaving behind a very faint stain. I do feel the need to apply lip balm post using this.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral:

1. Easily wearable color and extremely flattering colour. Perfect for the summers – without being neonish or OTT
2. Instantly brightens up the face.
3. Will suit most skin tones.
4. Easy application.
5. Fabulous and sturdy packaging – it would easily withstand a romp in your bag!
6. Good pigmentation.
7. It did not feather or accentuate the fine lines of my lips (even when it had become dry).

On NC 35 skin tone:

coral lips

Cons of Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral:

1. The price might be a con here but the product is 4gms as compared to 3-3.2gms of others.
2. Slightly drying post 5hours….on my dry lips, I did need a lip balm.

Since its Clinique, the product does not have any fragrance. I have not listed this above because for some it’s a pro, for others it’s a con – its a personal preference!

Grande Finale:

IMBB Rating – 4/5
It’s a product worth trying especially if you love corals or want to try a wearable coral color. The packaging is great too – you would love to reapply – in public! And it is NOT limited edition!

So have you tried the Clinique Long Last range? Would you like to try this coral color? And what do you feel about the tactics of SAs to push a product or make a sale. Do share your experience through the comments.

Have a great week!


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19 thoughts on “Clinique Long Last Lipstick – Runway Coral

    1. The shade is absolutely fab….you can actually makes me want to sit and stare at it, Melissa! And packaging is chic too – very different from the usual black or coloured packagings!

  1. I had to read this by the name ‘Runway Coral’ in love with Coral shades sooooo much… can’t get over it *preen* Superb shade… I am sooo tempted to try out lipsticks in my life now … *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. rofl rofl I know, the word “Coral” just gets us, doesn’t it!! You don’t wear lipsticks Vidhi? If you love corals, you must try this…its a very easily wearable shade of coral! *preen* *preen*

      1. Hey No not yet.. I just got a superb coral shade of flormar lippie in my velvette box.. really loving that… so now planninf to invest in them *happydance* *happy dance* *happydance*

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