Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara Review

By Orianna D.

On some gloomy days, we all need that pop of colour in our makeup to make us feel energised! Now, not everyone wants to opt for that bold lip..but don’t worry coloured mascara have got you covered! Today, IU will be reviewing a product from Collection Cosmetics – it’s the Colourlash mascara in the shade “Blue.” The colourless range has only four products – A clear mascara, a blue, a brown and a black. I really do wish they had more fun bright coloured mascaras in this range.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara Review

1.99 pounds
Product Claims:
Intensely pigmented, protein-enriched formulation. Conditions and separates lashes. Colour Lash Mascara in Clear can also be used to groom and set eyebrows in place.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara shade name

My Experience with Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara:

I love the colour blue, and a good mascara, give me both in one, and I am overjoyed! The mascara is a bright electric blue that is bound to brighten your makeup.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara

It comes in a simple plastic cylinder tube, nothing fancy there and the wand also seems like your basic mascara wand. It has the Collection Cosmetics name on the upper end of the tube and “Colour Lash” written in bold across it. The tube is the exact same colour as the mascara itself and is opaque. It has the number 4 and ‘Blue’ written on it at the bottom of the tube.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara tube

The mascara itself is not special when it comes to formulation, it applies smoothly and dries in a few minutes, it does separate the lashes and give it a decent amount of volume. It really opens up my eyes with that pop of colour. It didn’t however do anything to thicken my lashes.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara open

The product claims to be pigmented but it isn’t that opaque. I am wondering if I have this problem because I have dark lashes. The colour does show but it doesn’t give me bold blue lashes, rather it adds a tinge of blue to my lashes and sometimes goes unnoticed.

Thankfully, it doesn’t dry to become hard and make my eyelashes look spidery, does it a pretty good job there.

Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara swatch

However, I did notice one thing. The colour can only be noticed if you’re in a setting with white light or day light. In yellow and dim lighting, my eyelashes looked as if I had simply applied some black mascara on it. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference, but I thought I should include it in the review.

It’s not mentioned anywhere, but the product isn’t waterproof at all. I only realised this when I washed my face and the blue immediately started coming off. I didn’t need a makeup remover to take this off, but inspite of that, the color doesn’t budge from your lashes through the day.

I didn’t expect a lot from the product as it was only 1.99 pounds, but I love it simply for the colour.

Pros of Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara:

  • Pretty blue colour.
  • Comfortable formula.
  • Washes away easily without tugging or makeup remover.
  • Very inexpensive.

Cons of Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara:

  • Product runs out fast.
  • Colour is not that bright and noticeable.

Would I Repurchase Collection Cosmetics Colour Lash Blue Mascara? I don’t have any complaints from this product and would definitely repurchase for the colour and the fact that it’s inexpensive.
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