Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review

By Grisha Gupta

Hey ladies,

This is my first review on IMBB; I had been dying to be a part of IMBB for months. Today I will be reviewing Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit. I simply love Colorbar’s Nail Lacquer Pro range, but the thought of investing 400 rupees in one nail paint is a little sad. So I look out for the nail kits they have to offer. This is my second nail kit; I also own their ‘Tantalize’ nail kit and I fell in love with it. So when this was launched, I just couldn’t resist. Let’s begin the review!

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review1

Product Description:
Love is in the air, and it smells like ‘Coffee Love’! Colorbar launches a unique collection of browns from lights-to-darks, for all the coffee and brown lovers out there. ‘Expresso’ yourself with these hand-picked tones of nudes and browns which are sure to take-off this summer. So start the day with a coffee in your hand, a smile on your face, sparkle in your eyes and ‘Coffee Love’ on your nails.

• Gem like Gloss
• 3-Free Formula
• Non-yellowing
• Long-lasting color
• Chip-resistant
• Perfect gifting option

Rs. 500
Contains 4 units of 5 ml each

My Experience with Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit:

The nail paints as a whole is very satisfying if you like non-shimmery nail paints. These colors can be worn with almost any outfit, be it ethnic or work outfit. The nail paints dry really fast, so the tedious work of waiting for your nail paints to dry is eliminated. These are chip-resistant only upto 4-5 days. However, a top coat can increase the lifetime. This can also be sort of a test run to see whether you like the color before buying the bigger bottles. I got the Tentalize kit almost a year back and the colors are good to go, none of them have dried out so far. Also, the brush is really good. I have a soft corner for browns and nudes, so this was totally a win-win situation for me.

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review

Individually, there are four colours. The websites don’t name the colors which makes it a little difficult to decide whether to buy the product or not. So I will name them for you, in case you like a particular color and don’t want to invest in all four of them. Also here is a description of each with individual swatches (dark-to-light).

1. Cappuccino 002 : A Chocolaty Brown Color

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review2

This is the darkest shade of all. This color complements all skin tones, be it fair or dusky. Also, I got most number of compliments on this shade from my girlfriends (and, who doesn’t love compliments). This shade, surprisingly, requires two coats. The first coat gives a very sheer look. The second coat makes it opaque and gives a very chocolaty look (as the description suggests). It almost looks edible (and oh-so-yum!). After I exhaust the 5 ml bottle, I am pretty sure I will go for the 15 ml bottle.

2. Rosewood 019: A Rose Brown Shade

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review3

This is two shades lighter than the previous one. It is a very beautiful brown shade. This also
requires two coats, just like the previous one. This may not complement all skin tones. However, a must-try.

3. Flirt 013: Nude Beige

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review4

This color was there in the Tantalize nail kit which is almost over. I was determined to buy this color in 15 ml but now, I have this which will last another few months. This is a gorgeous shade and goes best with ethnics. In Indian weddings, where you have insane number of functions, and it is almost impossible to change your nail paints in between every function, your best bet is to apply this and a top coat of Colorbar Disco Gold (also, in Tentalize). One of my favourite shades so far. This complements all skin tones too.

4. Sorry, I couldn’t find the name of this one.

Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review5

This is the lightest shade of all. This has a little gold shimmer in it so I was skeptical in trying this out but it is a beautiful shade and will go with all outfits (best with ethnics). This will now be my second go to option after Flirt and Disco Gold.

Pros of Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit:

• The colors are long lasting
• They dry really quickly on nails
• They can be used for a long time as they do not dry in the bottle
• Totally worth the price

Cons of Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit:

• I really tried, but couldn’t find any!

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit?
I would definitely buy it again.

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9 thoughts on “Colorbar Coffee Love Nail Lacquer Pro Kit Review

  1. That’s the only way I like my coffee – on my hands – and this set is totally worth a try 🙂 Welcome to IMBB grisha 🙂

    1. Yeah, they are great for formal wear. If you want something bright and colorful go for the floral flutter. It has a red, pink, purple and an orange.

  2. i scrolled the page up-down for like 2-3 times deciding which of the lot is the best..!! still couldn’t lovely shades. all are wearable at anytime of the day nice pick 🙂

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