Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula Review

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Hi girls,

I had reviewed a few shades from Colorbar Emphaseyes range earlier (Aura, Star Sailor, Twilling, Alive, etc. Baked eyeshadows have always fascinated me even though they may have not worked brilliantly for me. More often than not, they end up shimmery and fall on my cheeks. I found this shade “Hula Hula” to be a nice blend of maroon and purple where the light catches the pink tone in it beautifully.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula Review

Product Description:
This new line of shadows features a completely revamped assortment of shades and textures from Matte to Pearly to High shimmer. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the formula resulting in insane color payout, color that stays on your lids, and sparkle that doesn’t fall. The amazing technology works for every shade and finish.
INR 599

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula details at the back

My Experience with Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula:

This shade has some obvious shimmer. “Hula Hula” is light purple with some streaks of pink and maroon in it. My problem with these baked shadows is that the color potency is diluted with the shimmer because once you swatch, you get a very sheer coat of color. There is some loose shimmer flying around the eyelashes as well.

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Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula packaging

The color looks wearable enough for day time as well. It might feel gritty but there is not bright silver shimmer to it. One thing that I like about this shade is that when you wear it with a red lipstick, it brings out the maroon and pink tone in the shadow. This looks nice as an all over lid color and then you can pair it with a red lipstick. A light stroke or thin line of eyeliner will complete the evening look. I don’t recommend this shade for daytime wear.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula in pan

I wish “Hula Hula” was thick and opaque, with a cream base. It might look better if you blend it, it sheers out and then a thin layer of color is left behind which creases soon. It is overall a nice color, but hard to wear, it works best with a matte primer under. The lasting power is average and has little fall out.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula swatch on hand

Pros of Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula:

  • Pretty blend of pink and purple.
  • No shining shimmer particles in it.
  • Nice for evening wear, with red lipstick on the lips.

Cons of Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula:

  • Has fall out issues, if you scrape off too much on the brush.
  • Needs a matte base.
  • Not a daytime color.
  • Does not work with a wet brush, like a baked shadow should.
  • Expensive for what it is.
  • Becomes sheer if you blend it out.

Would I Recommend Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eyeshadow Hula Hula?
Not really, due to the obvious reasons I have stated above.
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