Colorbar Liquid Addiction Lipstick Berry Blush (05)

Colorbar Liquid Addiction Lipstick Berry Blush (05)

Hey Girls, today I would be reviewing one of my favorite lipsticks/ lip glosses. This was a gift from my younger sister, and initially, I was reluctant on using this shade as I found it too dark for daytime wear and I was not too comfortable using glossy shades. Basically, Berry Blush is a sort of plummish shade and it has a lot of shine to it.

Colorbar liquid addiction lipstick berry blush

Once after a lot of persuasion, I applied Berry Blush and instantly fell in love with the glow it was giving to me. It was a perfect shade for my skin tone.

Rs. 425.

3.8 ml.

Colorbar liquid addiction

The packaging is quite unique. As you twist the lower part of the lipstick, small glittery diamonds of Berry Blush appear. The surface is made of sponge, which glides smoothly on your lips. Due to its shape, at times, it becomes difficult to reach the corner of your lips, so you need to apply it 2-3 times. Name and number is mentioned on the top of the cap for easy identification. The only shortcoming of this kind of packaging is that you don’t know how much quantity is left. So, one fine morning when you pick this lipstick, it might not come out.

The shade Berry blush looks like this without flash.

colorbar swatch

With flash it looks like this.

daylight swatch

You can see it has a shine to it. Staying power is okay, not too long. I have to apply it again after 2-3 hours. It doesn’t dry my lips and keeps them hydrated. Berry Blush is suitable for all skin tones. It doesn’t even settle in lines or bleed. It is not sticky like other lip glosses and has a beautiful fragrance to it. It has no taste, I can say it’s as good as a tinted lip balm.

What I Love about Colorbar Liquid Addiction Lipstick Berry Blush

  • It moisturizes my lips as they tend to stay dry.
  • It’s a beautiful shade, which will brighten you up even on a gloomy day.
  • Berry Blush will suit all skin tones.
  • Packaging is lovely.
  • Easily available.

What I Didn’t Like about Colorbar Liquid Addiction Lipstick Berry Blush

• Opaque packaging.
• I find it a little expensive.
• It’s not a long stay lip color.


I would surely love to buy some more shades from this range. In fact, I have already conveyed my liking for this shade to my little sister, who knows another liquid addiction is on its way!!

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  2. That looks like a really great color. If it was long staying as well, it would be worth the price!! As it is, I don’t think I’ll be going for it :struggle: Nice Review!!!

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