Lotus Berry Scrub Review

What Lotus Herbals Berry scrub claims:

  • Strawberry & Aloe Vera
  • Face wash scrub Gel
  • All skin types
  • 1 Minute To Refreshed Skin

Lotus Strawberry Scrub

For skin that looks as great as it feels. The creamy lather cleanses and natural exfoliators polish facial skin to reveal dazzling complexion.

Directions: Massage over wet skin concentrating on rough spots like nose tip, forehead etc. Wash off. Follow with Lotus Herbals ALPHAMOIST for best results.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Strawberry Seeds, Aloe Vera, Extracts of Lemon and Orange Peel

Price: Rs. 99 for 80 gm

Where did I find it: Central, Religare, and Big Bazaar Outlets

First off, I absolutely love this product! I am not sure whether to call it a face wash or scrub….they call it both on the tube. It’s totally two in one and thus saves me a lot of money as it doubles up as scrub and face wash for me every night! Wow!
Lotus Berry Scrub

The gel is transparent with scrub granules. It is not runny but rather has slightly jelly-like consistency. The granules (supposedly strawberry seeds too :)) neither are coarse nor concentrated enough like a regular scrub. I guess that was the entire purpose so that it can be used as a face wash everyday as we don’t really use a scrub everyday. It is so pleasantly fragranced with a lingering strawberry scent. The fragrance is mild and it’s so fresh for the summers, you will love it!

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It does have a creamy lather due to which I tend to use up more than I need in the hope that it would lather some more! It’s just the right blend of scrub and a face wash with perfect granules and optimum lather.

Great for oily skin:

I have had oily skin since I was a teenager. Hence I tend to scrub my face every other day using a couple of products in the process. But ever since I found this product, I have reduced the amount of heavy scrubbing because this provides mild exfoliation everyday! Some how this product is not like our Himalaya herbals exfoliating face wash or any other exfoliating face wash with micro beads etc (or like the Pears one which I have tossed in the bin now). The gel’s consistency can’t be exactly called a face wash ….and the granules don’t make it a regular scrub either. It feels so gentle and natural that I have totally stopped using a regular face wash. You will feel the difference in your skin from the very first time you rinse it off. Such first impressions are so rare. If you don’t use make up and just need a gentle cleansing twice or thrice a day, this is the product! I just use a St Ives scrub (which is the best scrub on earth) for a heavy once a week exfoliation to remove traces of make up when ever I use it.
Lotus Berry Scrub

After thoughts: When I used this product for the first time, it left my skin BABY SOFT! It has to do something with the gel for sure! I want to confess here that my skin never ever felt baby soft other wise! It has the regular coarse oily skin feel…
I have no idea what this product does to my skin to make it feel so soft. It actually felt luminous too after I dried my skin with a towel. I can’t wait to try alpha moist by Lotus Herbals after I use this product to get the maximum out of it! If any of you have tried lotus herbals alpha moist, do review it for us. That will be great.

Amazing for other skin types as well:
Since it does not have even the slightest soapy feel to it, I am sure it would feel great on dry, normal and combination skin as well. Please do try and let me know if I was right. I have always had oily skin 🙁 so can’t say how it feels to have normal skin. The lather is creamy so dry skin should definitely benefit from it. The product also claims to be suitable to all skin types which I am totally convinced of. The fragrance will keep you longing for more.

What I love about Lotus Berry Scrub:
The fragrance….such a lovely mild natural strawberry scent …leaves me refreshed totally as this product claims
The ingredients…. Strawberry, lemon, aloe vera, orange peels are all great for oily skin. And other wise too for other skin types
The feel: it leaves my skin baby soft (which other wise is a rare phenomenon)
The cost: it’s worth every paisa for Rs 99.
Although, my suggestion would be to use it in little quantity because that should do the trick as we only get 80 gms in a kinda slim tube!
Does not dry out skin and removes grease and dirt the right way!

I can’t think of anything that I dislike about this product. I am all for it. So the next time you want to buy either a scrub and face wash, please save money and give this single thing a try. The fact is that this product has convinced me to buy other skin care products especially ALPHA MOIST by Lotus Herbals. I have heard that they have a great oil free moisturiser too. I know where I am heading this weekend!

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29 thoughts on “Lotus Berry Scrub Review

  1. Hi Rati 🙂
    I just finished a tube of this. I liked the mild scrubbing action, though I felt it was a bit too mild for me. This is a good makeup remover, so I used it to clean off everyday after coming from work. I’m too impatient to repeat a tube of anything, so I’ll have to find something that will live up to this one’s abilities 🙂

  2. You tossed the Pears face wash in the bin? I am going to blindly trust your reviews from now on – am going looking for this facewash soon as I am done with my present one.

  3. hi Radhika
    arey i was half way through the blue pears one and i could not stand the medicated sort of smell it had..hadd ho gai thi..but its personally my opinion on the smell…cant say how others react
    but thsi one smells sooooooo good mmmm

  4. wow Radhika
    u are too patient…i never wait for my products to finish before i buy the new ones
    god…my bathroom and cup board are full of tubes 🙁
    i am a helpless addict
    i should learn to finish one thing before i buy a new one

  5. Hey Neha,
    So sorry not to have addressed my first comment to you, I thought Rati was the author. I just saw your name on the top. So so sorry…
    Anyway now that I’m not confused any more, it’s great to read from you, and hope you write more posts! 🙂
    .-= Mukho´s last blog ..Big day preps – how do YOU do it? =-.

    1. 😀 no issues at all Mukho
      u have a nice name
      what does it mean?
      ya i am def trying to write more reviews…on some fruitful good products so that Rati’s readers can use their money well ….
      all thanks to Rati for this platform where we all can benefit from each other’s experiences
      i love this place and am totally addicted to this website!

  6. Hey…

    Your post is oozing with your love for this product Neha..and it sounds too good…But sadly I have never come across this scrub in any of the supermarkets I frequent 🙁

    I need to check out H&G soon..But I will buy this for sure 🙂

  7. me wants!!! Me wants….

    It’s like a flood here with everybody drooling… 😯 😯

    Whenever anybody says Strawberry, the Crazy ladies’ club goes even crazier!!!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  8. 😀
    i love this thing
    how can it make my stupid skin so soft ?:-)
    even for a minute or what ever….
    in that hope i shall continue using this

  9. can you guys tell me what other face washes have micro beads & granules. I have Combination skin & use scrub face washtwice a week

    1. Hi AL,
      I only know of Vivel 3 in 1 face wash which is similar ie it is facewash + scrub both. Its gentle & effective, leaves a glow to d skin & doesnt dry it out.

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