Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss – Fab, Radiant

Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss – Fab, Radiant

I am reviweing the true shine lip glosses from Colorbar today, we all know about it the very famous True gloss, these are packaged exactly the same, but these are out and out shiny and shimmer finish glosses where as the True gloss ones are cream non shimmer almost liquid lipstick types. I think these will be loved by pure lip gloss lovers, who dont wear lipstick or any deeper colors on their lips. Also these are great for college girls and a great option to top on your matte lipstick for that extra shine or shimmer to the centre of the lips.


Colorbar True Shine lipglosses Fab radiant

The packaging is very cute, it feels a little sturdy and bulky. The tube is long and the wand too and it comes with a regular applicator nothing much there. They look very similar to Lakme absolute ones, in terms of packing and the texture and the finish too! very surprising 😛 and the size of the tube is almost the same as well. even the colors remind me of the Lakme absolute plump shine glosses. Take a look at them too I am posting the links down below.

Colorbar True Shine LIp gloss Radiant, Fab (4)

Colorbar True Shine LIp gloss Radiant, Fab

The shades are really pretty, if I look at them from a gloss lovers perspective, they are light and shimmery with the light color to them, just perfect for a gentle look and also adds some color to the face, simultaneously it does not add much color on top of the lipstick and still adds the oopmph.

Colorbar True Shine LIp gloss Radiant, Fab (2)

Colorbar True Shine LIp gloss Radiant, Fab (3)

There are so many shades that I can actually match them with each matte shade I have, like I would wear the Fab one on a red,the radiant one on a hot pink lipstick, then there nude shades, transparent ones, coppery ones and what not. check them all here again

The Radiant one is the most colores one in the lot as in it shows up pinker than the the red shows up redder 😛 the color is just right for a little color to the face and it has shimmer for the mirror shine and the gloss gives the wet lip look too,it is perfect also in the way that it is not sticky, it does not bleed much, it is not very thick but thick enough to stay put and work fantastic on top of matte lippies, I love this gloss on top of hot pinks. It stays put for 3+ hours on lipstick and otherwise it looks fresh for an hour or a little more after which it loses the pinkish tint to it, and stays put for another hour, it does not bleed and it does transfer obviously. So the staying power is pretty much fine considering it is a gloss after all, no complaints there.

glossy lips (4)

Colorbar True shine lip gloss Fab & Radiant Swatches

The Fab one is a red, but it is not as red as the above one is pink, it comes out a very light tint of red on the lips and it is not best suited for pigmented lips, I wish it were redder though and it looks very pretty on top of red lipsticks! The texture and finish is the same as above, just that it is not as pigmented.

glossy lips (2)

Over all, decent nuetral shimmer mirror shine glossy wet look lip glosses, stay put fine and work even better on matte lippies, they dont add much color to the lips so not a great option for pigmented lips. Simple lip gloss lovers can give it a try, these are pretty much similar to the Lakme absolute plump shine and the Colorbar star shine ones. In fact I find star shine lip glosses cheaper and much more pigmented than these, these are the lighter versions of those 🙂

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