Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

By Neha Saxena

Coloressence is an Indian drugstore cosmetics brand that has come up with a wide range of cosmetics and shades. I was looking for a good foundation with shimmer in it as I really like using such foundations for weddings and other parties. This is the first time I have tried out a foundation from an Indian brand, let’s see if it could impress me enough or not!

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

Product Description:
The shimmer base foundation adds shine and gives a satin smooth finish for a flawless look. Silky and soft foundation for a perfect complexion and the special particles cover skin impurities and gives a natural skin tone.

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

Shades Available:
It is quite surprising that despite being an Indian brand this range comes only in two shades:
Beige with shimmer LFS 1
Brown with shimmer LFS 2

I am reviewing “Brown with shimmer LFS 2” today!

INR 175/- for 35 ml

Shelf Life:
3 yrs

My Experience with Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base:

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

It comes in tube packaging with a cap over it. So, one just needs to squeeze the tube in order to take the product out. The most annoying part of this packaging is that even after the cap is screwed on the tube, the product keeps spilling out. I don’t know how it happens, but it happens whenever I take the product out and put the cap back on. The product just keeps leaking and this leads not only to wastage of the product, but is quite messy too.

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

It has a creamy consistency with visible shimmer particles in it. It glides effortlessly and a small amount is enough to cover the entire face and neck area. It is quite buildable and requires extra amount of product on blemishes and scars, if you want to cover them. Although, the particles are not visible in the tube, they become very apparent on the skin.

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

The best part is that it can be used in two ways! Either you can apply it directly as a foundation or you can mix it up with your usual foundation to get the effects of an illuminator.

I have selected the shade Brown with shimmer LFS 2 which goes well with my dusky complexion. I have very dry skin and it does well on that too. I moisturize my face and then apply this Aqua Shimmer Base on it. It makes my face brighter without looking patchy, but it does not cover the slight pigmentation on my face and not even my acne scars. Altogether, it comes out as a low coverage makeup base for me. I don’t use any compact over it as I want shimmer particles to be visible, but using a compact over it would not make the shimmer particles completely invisible either (if that makes some sense!).

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

It stays for about 2 hours on my face, even when I do not sweat! After that, it starts to fade from my nose and jaw line which is again the downside. The shimmer particles stay on my face even after removing this base with an oil based cleanser, and I don’t know how to feel about it. It has a mild scent to it too, but that does not linger.



Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

Without Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

With Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Review

Pros of Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base:

• Good for all skin types.
• Gives a glow to face with shimmery effect.
• Mild fragrance.
• Blends evenly and effortlessly.
• Small tube type packaging that can be kept in clutches and purses.
• Very affordable and easily available in India.

Cons of Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base:

• Staying power is poor.
• Only two shades available.
• Product keeps oozing out of the tube, even when the cap is on.
• Coverage is not good.
• Doesn’t contain SPF in it.
IMBB Rating:
(just because it has low coverage and packaging is not spill proof!)

Would I Repurchase Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base?
No, I would rather prefer medium to full coverage foundations, but will use this product as an illuminator.

The product is good for parties and functions where it can be used as a makeup base or illuminator. The product will do quite well for ladies having no scars or flaws on their skin.

Love and take care!

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