Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron Review

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Hair type: Normal, wavy, colored, waist-length
Hello everyone,
Hair styling is something most women are fond of. Those with straight hair long for the curls and those blessed with waves and curls long for straight and sleek hair. Thanks to these gadgets our desires are fulfilled. I had a Philips straightener before which stopped giving good results so it was time for another one. I have been using this for a month now but couldn’t write my experience since I was amidst chaos concerning my project which has been pretty depressing since the last few weeks. Wish it’ll get over pretty soon.
Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron

Price: 3999 INR (available on a discount)
• Dry, Detangle & Straighten.
• Unique channel and vent system evaporates excess water resulting in shiny, silky-smooth hair.
• Damp hair to beautiful silky-smooth straight hair in one effortless pass.
• 1 3/4″ Tourmaline ceramic plates for a silky-smooth, frizz free finish.
• Straighten and style your hair as you dry.
• Far infrared heat technology improves condition.

Product Features:
• Tourmaline Infused Plate
• 100% Solid Ceramic Heating Element
• Negative Ion
• Far Infrared Technology
• Pro 360 Swivel Cord

My Experience with Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron:

The straightener came to me in a sturdy box that shuts with magnetic action. The box is really handy to store the straightener and I like it. The main purpose this gadget intrigued me was because of the dual purpose it served. It claimed to straighten wet hair too!
hair straightener

The ceramic plates are tourmaline infused which maintains the hair texture and imparts shine. The design is also very good and easy to hold. It doesn’t weigh a lot but it can be a bit bulky to carry around in small bags. It does not have any arrangement for closing the plates together and it remains in the open position. The swivel cord is super handy too. Talking about the plates, their size is really good; wide enough for my medium-thick hair. The plates have vents to evaporate the water converted to steam. When used dry, it straightened out my hair beautifully and I was done in about 20 minutes. The heat doesn’t feel too much provided that I use a heat protective serum.
iron plates

Coming to the drying claims, this is where I was left disappointed. Okay, it does dry the hair strands but you have to keep running over the same bit of hair so many times. And you cannot take a big section of hair to straighten either because it doesn’t work at all that way; either to dry or straighten. So basically it is useless for me on damp hair. It takes quite a lot of time to straighten damp hair because you have to take small sections at a time and straighten it. It makes a hissing and crackling sound when you take too small a section of the hair. Not that it is burning or anything but I think it’s just the evaporation.

Having said that, I do like this straightener a lot even though it doesn’t work that well on damp hair. Well, I do not mind getting a shot from my blow drier before straightening. It gives me poker straight hair which remains for about 2-3 days. There was no compromise in the hair texture either.

Pros of Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron:

• Comes in a nice sturdy box.
• Easy to handle.
• Swivel cord is super handy.
• Size of the plate is really good.
• Vents are provided for water to evaporate.
• Ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline.
• Left my hair smooth and soft.
• Gave me poker straight hair.
straight hair

Cons of Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron:

• I did not find it useful on damp hair like it claims.
• Straightening damp hair takes too much time.
• Pricey if not on discount.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Corioliss Wet 2 Dry Straightening Iron?
As a straightener it is really good and worth investing on. But if you’re specifically looking for a good wet and dry straightener then this might disappoint you.

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