Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600 Review

Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600 Review

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Today, I am reviewing one of my favourite curlers – it’s the Philips Simply Salon Curl.  As I have frizzy hair, I do not want my hair to be curly, I just wanted wavy hair which gives a soft look.  I have tried many curlers which gave me tight curls, but I was searching for a large barrel curler to achieve wavy hair. My friend suggested me Philips hair styling tools.  I bought this online and to my surprise, it gave me what I wanted.  To know more about this curling iron, keep reading :))

Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron


Rs. 1495/- (price may vary from store to store).

Product Details:

Get natural bouncy curls in an easy way. Get exactly the natural curly look you want with the Simply Salon Curl. A 32mm curling tong and professional ceramic coating sets this curler apart from the rest.

Philips Curling Iron

My Experience with Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600:

The curler has a silver colored barrel and a white colored holder and the barrel consists of a black colored knob which makes the hold easier without burning one’s hands.  The best thing is that the waves stays for about 3-4 hours without a hair spray, isn’t that great 😀

Philips Curling Iron

It consists of a light indicator which helps us to recognize whether it is in “off” or “on” mode.  It also has a long cord.  It gets heated up in 60 seconds.  It also consists of light indicator on the barrel which helps us to recognize whether the barrel is hot or not. If the barrel is hot, the color changes to pink, otherwise the curling iron will be lavender in color.  It gives a nice shine to the hair.

Philips Curling Iron

Philips Curling Iron

To use the curling iron, plug in the curler and wait till the lavender color button present on the iron turns to pink color.  Then, take hair into one inch sections and roll it around the curling iron.  Wait for ten seconds (I count from 1 to 10) and then release it. Repeat the above steps for all sections and then release that bouncy curl in your hair and clip it in.  I use hair spray and scrunch the hair.  Then, I run my fingers through my hair to achieve bouncy waves. I personally find this way better to create bouncy waves (you can try out different methods).  I just leave my hair like that or use a small clip to get rid of hair falling on my face.

Philips Curling Iron

Philips Curling Iron

On a sunny day, I just put it all together into a pony.  We can try out any hairstyle as this curling iron make hair more manageable.  I absolutely love this beauty. It not only makes my hair wavy, but also makes it soft, shiny and manageable.

Philips Curling Iron

Pros of Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600:

  • Large barrel which creates soft waves.
  • Gets heated in 60 seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Light indicator (you can check whether the product has switched on or not).
  • Long cord.
  • Gives a nice shine to the hair.
  • Stays for about 3-4 hours (without a hair spray).

Philips Curling Iron

Cons of Philips Simply Salon Curling Iron HP8600:

  • Nothing.

Overall Verdict:

Girls who want to get wavy hair, should definitely check this out.  It’s a great hairstyling tool at such a low price.  Trust me, you won’t regret buying this beauty.

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    1. *thankyou* lisha
      Once I tried curling my hair using straightener instead I burnedy fingers *nonono* so I stopped using flat iron for curling and started using a curler 🙂

  1. Philips hairstyling tools never disappoint – I have the hair dryer and straightening iron from Philips and they work amazingly for me. I do all the soft curls with my straightening iron *secret*

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