Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review

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I am writing after a long time. I have been busy with college and my cousin’s wedding shopping. Whenever wedding shopping is concerned, any woman can relate to what we go through to get everything perfect (after all I am the sister of the groom). So I was going through my wish-list for the wedding, and I thought I needed a new straightener for perfect hair. I have wavy hair and I am absolutely love in with straight hair. I envy people who are born with straight shiny hair. For the unlucky ones like me whose genes didn’t favour them, we have to look for alternatives.

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review1

INR 7000 (Ouch)

Product Features:
• Negative-ion
• Titanium Plates
• Pro 360° Swivel Cord
• Pro Variable Temp Control
• Dual Voltage
• Far Infrared Technology
• 450° F High Heat

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review

My Experience with Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener:

Straight hair is easier to manage, looks stylish and goes with almost everything. There are many ways to achieve straight hair but I didn’t want my hair to be dipped in layers of chemicals, so I took the most commonly used alternative – hair straightener. I already possess a Philips hair straightener, but the ion technology is getting old. Better technology that harms your hair less is available the in market now; I am obsessed with my hair, so I take real good care of them. Also that Philips straightener didn’t work that well for Mumbai’s humid weather.

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review5

My hair straightened with it won’t even stay straight for an hour (I sweat a lot). So I needed a new straightener. I went to local shop and asked for the latest available technology as my friend suggested me to get a “titanium plated” one. They had Vega, but I wanted something more on the professional range and didn’t want to take Philips. So my search began and I came across this straightener. Although it was a bit funky to use zebra stripe design (I prefer plain and simple black), the plain black one was not available at that time. So I finally decided to buy C1 straightenerby Corioliss.

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review2

Well just one word to describe the instrument – amazing! Titanium plates, well they are awesome. They get hot real fast and the straightener has temperature control, that is, you can set the straightener at different temperatures; temperature goes as high as upto 235 degree celsius. The plates easily glide on the hair. When I am in hurry and do not have enough time to straighten small sections, I have to go twice upon a chunk of hair. Also my hair is a bit long and thick so I have to do a round two on them. Not a big deal though.

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review4

After straightening with this one, my hair does not feel like a broom. It gives a soft finish to my hair which I love the most. My hair stayed soft as well. Also I am able to straighten my hair in lesser time comparatively. My hair remains straight for two days after which I wash my hair. I don’t feel this straightener harms my hair a lot. Although owing to its technology, it doesn’t harm my hair much, still at the end of the day it’s a heating tool.

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review3

Before and After:

Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener Review6

Pros of Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener:

• Sleek and easy to use
• Heats up quickly
• Lasting results because of Titanium Plates
• Adjustable temperatures
• Hair doesn’t dry out after use
• Hair remain straightened for long

Cons of Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener:

• No lock to close the straightener
• Expensive product

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener?
Absolutely! Go for it. It is a bit expensive but then you are investing in yourself and girl you definitely deserve the best. I guess this will stay with you for a long time.

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  1. Loved the results Shreya! I also favor high quality heated tools as they will damage hair lesser (or this is what I like to believe). But I find your waves as bful too. 🙂

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