10 Most Crazy Expensive Beauty Products in the World

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Makeup world is crazy and crazier are the beauty products that brands manufacture from time to time! Expensive is an understatement for these products. Here are some of the most crazy expensive beauty products in the world!

Expensive Beauty Products

1. OROGOLD 24K Cleopatra Nano Regime, US$8000

It is a set of three products (cream, serum and gold sheets) that work in sync to diminish wrinkles and lines. 24 karat gold is used to make the gold sheets and has been scientifically proven to be one of the best elements to help in the anti-aging process. So, will you be up for some golden pampering for your skin?

2. Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish, US$250,000


Azature is a fine jewelry company that produced the world’s most expensive bottle of polish. This nail polish is infused with 267 carats of black diamonds. It costs US$250,000 per bottle. The Azature Black Diamond nail polish is available worldwide but only sold privately through their headquarters in Los Angeles.

3. Orchidée Impériale

This is a product by the brand Guerlain. It is a French term that means, in English, the imperial orchid; which is a rare flower that works wonder for regenerating the skin cells. Orchidée Impériale is a skin cells regenerating treatment that assures you that your skin will be reinvigorated and completely restored within a month, if used regularly. The treatment is supposed to correct every skin problem.

4. Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum, $2370


This is a limited edition perfume which is exorbitantly priced.
Fun fact: It takes over 10,000 flowers, harvested during a two week period in the French Riviera, to make just one bottle of Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum.

5. Cle de Peau’s “The Foundation”

It is a tinted cream which is inspired by company’s best-selling La Crème. It is supposed to give your skin a baby like texture. It goes on like a dream, you will smell like a field of flowers with it and it will also erase any redness and blemishes from your skin (would also make your pocket quite empty).

6. La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream, $2735


This cult face cream promises to improve skin’s firmness, and diminish lines and wrinkles while minimizing pores, leaving skin looking ageless. It contains the copyrighted and ‘secret’ Miracle Broth, which claims to moisturise and rejuvenate the driest of skin.
Fun fact: Dr. Max Huber (maker of the cream )suffered terrible burns during an experiment gone wrong and vowed to create a product that would heal and restore his skin. So, he created this very expensive Crème de la Mer which by the way healed the skin completely.

7. La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream, $1,228

One of the world’s most precious metals—platinum—is now available in your face cream. It is a face cream that restores your skin’s radiant glow, protects skin DNA, replenishes moisture, and recharges the skin cells, all while adjusting to changing humidity levels.

8. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Black The Treatment, $1,750


Each vial in this $1,750 product promises to correct a different skin problem. In four weeks, this four-step vile treatment will give you renewed skin. Each week promises to correct a different problem from the inside out. Guerlain recommends using it twice a year.

9. H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

This lipstick si so expensive that your heart will drop! It is expensive because of the fact that the box where it is kept is made of pure diamonds. The case of the lipstick is made of 1200 pink diamonds. With the embroidered box and smooth texture, it is the world’s most expensive lipstick priced at $14 million.

10. Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm, $97


How much can you spend on a mere lip balm? Well for this, you will have to shell out close to 100 dollars. It is a basic lip balm which does its work well, i.e. moisturizes the lips! If you buy this one, then you would not want to lose this one for sure!

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