Inexpensive Alternatives To Costly Eye Makeup Brushes

Inexpensive Alternatives To Costly Eye Makeup Brushes

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This time I am back with not another OOTD but a post which will help make up beginners to some extent. This post will be on eye makeup brushes. We wind the market flooded with different kinds of makeup brushes which make us go gaga, but not all of us can afford to get them. Sometimes its solely because of the reason that we do not do detailed make up every day and so we wonder what is the use of buying expensive brushes when we are rarely going to use them. But then there comes many occasions when we wish we had some brushes to apply our make up properly. All of us know that Vega probably offers the cheapest brushes. But even the cheapest Vega brush is around Rs 60. So I found out alternatives to four kind of make up brushes, and what’s more, each of these cost less than 35 bucks! So are you ready? Here we go!

Inexpensive alternatives to costly eye makeup brushes

For all the make up beginners out there, I will be talking about four kinds of brushes we need for basic eye make up.

1. Eye shadow applicator. ( used for putting the color pigment on your eyelids)
2. Angular blender. (used for filling the brows and applying gel eye liner)
3. Fluffy blender. (used for blending your eyeshadow and harsh lines on the crease)
4. Eye liner brush( used for drawing thick and thin lines on the lash lines. It is especially useful for creating the winged line)

I was just strolling around the stationary shop the other day and I came across this “hobby idea” range from Camlin. Camlin evokes childhood memories doesn’t it? ☺ I was surprised to find interesting shaped brushes which really resembled make up brushes! Intrigued, I got myself three of them. Though I do not remember exact prices, but all three cost me less than 100! Here is a look into them

1. Camlin hobby brush “filbert”#8: this flat brush serves as a very good eye shadow applicator. The flat bristles picks up the right amount of pigment and it can be compared to vega eye applicator.

Camlin hobby brush “filbert”#8:

Camlin hobby brush “filbert”#8:


2. Camlin hobby brush “angular”#4: an angular brush serves many purposes. It is used to fill the sparse areas of eyebrows and to apply gel eye liner. You can also use it to apply highlighter below the brow bone. But sadly, angular brushes are very expensive. I found the right alternative in this Camlin brush. It fills in the brows perfectly and also can be used to apply gel eyeliner. Though its size is not that small, it can be used by everybody except those with very small eyes maybe.

Camlin hobby brush “angular”#4

camlin angular brush

3. Camlin hobby brush “liner”#2: all of us have one time or the other faced the problem of dealing with bad brushes which accompany our favorite liquid eyeliners. To solve this problem, it is advisable to keep a separate eye liner brush handy. It can also be used to create that perfect “winged” look. But shelling out an extra 60 to 70 bucks( sometimes even more!) for the same is not desirable by everyone. You will get the answer in this camlin’s brush. The brush is perfect for thick and thin lines alike . 🙂

camlin liner brush

camlin liner brush

4. Fluffy blender: A fluffy blender is used to give your eye makeup the final perfection touch. It mixes colors together and blends out any harsh lines created by different colored eye shadows. I saw Rati using a fluffy blender in her eye make up tutorials. Since I don’t own any, I decided to try out a simple paint brush in number 5. I was surprised when I got a wonderful blending effect. Since then I have been using this brush for blending shadow on my crease and seriously do not feel the need of buying an expensive fluffy brush. You can use brush numbers 6, 7 and 8 too if you want your brush to be more “fluffy”. I use this just because it was already in my home 😛 though the bristles look scratchy, they are actually really soft!

camlin fluffy brush

fluffy brush

The bristles of these brushes are really decent. They do not pull or tug on the eyes at all. so for all of you who are taking small steps towards the world of makeup , these brushes will be your friends! You will get all these brushes with a hundred rupee note . 🙂

I hope this was a useful post. If you like it, I will be on lookout for lip brushes and face brushes too in this range . :). Take care! Keep smiling, keep glowing!

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  1. Didn’t know Camlin brushes could be used in makeup…..awesome Aparajita 🙂 A lot of people would benefit from this post 🙂

  2. Love it … nice post & very helpful for the beginners like me. Camelin brush are widely available & wont burn your pocket. love love love this post.

  3. Hey Aparajita, Its a wonderful post by you and thankyou so much for this post because u will see a lot of people connecting with u with respect to the brushes. I myself use a camlin brush for my eyeliner and for my lips too splendid… Good Going…

  4. Wow really a great idea:) I’m an artist and deal with brushes on the canvas almost everyday but I have never thought of using it on eyes!!! Lovely thinking 🙂

  5. thanku thanku thanku so much yaar…i was finding an inexpensive fluffy blending brush for myself and was so much cnfused…thank u so much u made it easy…

  6. what an innovative idea dear,,, very intelligent…. i may get that blending fluffy waala fr sure…. nw i m so pumped up to buy all n give it a try 😉

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