Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo Review

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Today’s review is going to be on a shampoo by Dabur Vatika. My mom got two new shampoos by Dabur Vatika, one is this “Hair Fall Treatment” and another one is “Split Treatment”. These new shampoos are quite impressive; I really like them. Let’s get into the review.

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INR 121 for 180ml

Product Description:
If you want to get rid of your hair fall issues then get this Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment from Dabur.

– The Oil Balance formula will maintain the quality of your hair by making it thick and strong and also prevent it from falling, thinning and breaking.
– The combination of ingredients like Natural Oil, Hibiscus and Fenugreek will work wonders on your hair.
– Flaunt your beautiful and silky hair like never before with the help of this Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment and say no to hair fall.


My Experience with Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo:

Vatika hair fall treatment shampoo comes in long, reddish pink bottle with a flip top cap. The bottle looks nice, but the cap does not fit properly. So, this is definitely not a travel friendly one. I really don’t like loose caps.


It has a beautiful, floral scent. The scent stays for long in my hair. It feels fresh and pleasant, even on second day. The consistency of this shampoo is neither runny nor thick. It is easy to use and a small amount of product lathers nicely. As it contains hibiscus, it looks a little pinkish. It also contains fenugreek, both the ingredients are great for hair. I really like this.


I have normal, smooth hair with dry tips, but the biggest issue with my hair is that it is thin. So I always like to use hair fall treatment shampoos to avoid extra hail fall. After using this shampoo, I feel that it works well to control hair fall, and that it keeps my hair soft and moisturized. As it is an oil balancing shampoo, it never makes my scalp dry. It works nice on dry scalp and oily scalp both. It can nicely clean up all the dirt from my hair, and can also clear excess oil from hair.


It nicely removes all the oil from my overnight hair oil treatments too. I have never noticed any extra hair fall either. It helps to reduce hair fall a bit; it can’t totally stop hair fall though. Still, I must say that it really helps to control excess hair fall. It makes my hair smoother and softer. It never makes them dry. It also works well as a moisturizing shampoo without any conditioner. But still I feel that extremely dry hair will need a conditioner. I prefer to use the conditioner from same range, and this particular range doesn’t have any conditioner.


After using this shampoo for around a month, I have noticed that it strengthens my thin hair. I have also noticed lesser hairfall when I comb my hair. It is definitely a good option, but it is not like a hair fall treatment. It is very good shampoo according to its price, but it is not super effective on dry and damaged hair with lots of hair fall.


I like this shampoo as it is a budget friendly, hair fall control shampoo which makes hair soft and smooth. It keeps my hair frizz-free and manageable for a decent time period. It is not a miracle hair fall control shampoo, but it works on my hair to control excess hair fall.

Pros of Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo:

• Reasonably priced and easily available
• Contains the goodness of hibiscus and fenugreek
• Lathers nicely on hair, and cleans all the dirt
• Has a pleasant scent
• Never dries out my scalp
• Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny
• Controls hair fall
• Makes hair strong and manageable
• It helps to avoid excess hair fall during brushing
• Works as a nice moisturizing shampoo

Cons of Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo:

• Cap does not fit tightly
• Can’t control hair fall magically; it takes time to show results
• Not a super effective shampoo for extremely damaged hair
• A conditioner needs to be used post shampoo

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo?
This shampoo works well on my hair. I am not sure if I’ll repurchase it. If you have normal hair, then you should try this at least once.

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