Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Review

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Have you ever tried grey eyeliners? If yes, I would love to know your which grey eyeliners fare well for you. When it comes to eye makeup grey eyeliners look gorgeous, and in today’s post, I’m going to tell you about a grey eyeliner from an affordable brand called Deborah Milano.

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Review

Price: INR 350
Product Description:
It is taken as an eyeliner perfectly outlined, and emphasizes your eyes like a kohl. Easy and practical to use, gives a flawless and professional result in a simple gesture. The innovative formula gel effect gives an intense look and deep. Its soft, creamy texture releases a highly pigmented color both inside and allesterno the eye. A sealing long, up to 16 hours as eyeliner and up to 8 hours as kohl, is able to withstand not only to water but also at high temperatures. It does not transfer color or create unsightly smudges.

My Experience with Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey:

Well, honestly speaking, I am not a very big fan of Deborah Milano products but I find their colorful eye pencils and colorful eyeliners worth a try. Moreover, they are pretty affordable. I personally wouldn’t like to invest much in colored eye pencils or eyeliners, so I look for affordable brands when I plan to buy them.

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Open

I have this pencil and a 24 ore waterproof navy blue eye pencil from this brand, which I purchased last year when I went on a shopping spree. These pencils are also easily available on e-commerce sites and you can also look for other colors from this range. It’s just a simple eyeliner that is black in color with a code number on it, depending on the shade. You’ll be able to recognize the shade with the code number.

When I purchased the product it was nicely sealed and unused. I purchased it last year and the packaging of the product has changed a bit. Now they’ve come up with color-coded packaging, which makes picking up the desired shade easier. There are about eight shades in this range and I picked up ‘Grey’, thinking it’ll look gorgeous after application. And, believe me, it does!

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Tip

This shade is suitable for all kinds of skin tones and is very much pigmented too. The color is intense and very much visible in first swipe itself. It glides easily without any fuss. The texture is nicely creamy and smooth. A lot of product get used with one application and then you have to sharpen it.

Basically, I mean to say it gets blunt with just two uses and you may need to sharpen it often. You’ll be able to achieve the desired look only when you sharpen the pencil. Otherwise, blunt pencils create a lot of problem during application. The product doesn’t get transferred to the sharpener. It comes out clean and leaves the sharpener clean as well.

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Back

I’ve used a lot of pencils that would transfer a lot of product while sharpening. But this isn’t the case with this one. By this, I can assure you there’s no wastage of the product. The pencil doesn’t prick the eyes neither does this irritate the eyes after application. This is safe to use on sensitive eyes as well.

I’ve used this shade a lot of times to complement my ash or grey colored dresses. You can also carry the grey eyeliner look on casual days or use it daily, and for a change replace the black kajal or liner with this one. One thing I like about this pencil is that it can be used as an eyeliner and a kajal both.

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Swatches

The quality it delivers for the price is great. It doesn’t smudge unless you mistakenly rub your eyes. It stays in place for good 5 hours. The staying power is decent but its claims of staying for 8 hours as a kohl and 16 hours as an eyeliner isn’t true. It fades after five hours maximum. Overall, I like how it fares on me but wish it lasted a little longer.

Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey Eye Pic

Pros of Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey:

Glides easily without any fuss.
The texture is smooth.
The pencil is nice and sturdy.
This color looks gorgeous after application.
The color is intense.
You have eight different shades to choose from.
Doesn’t smudge.
Can be used as a kajal and an eyeliner both.
Easily available.

Cons of Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey:

The staying power is decent but I wish it stayed a little longer.
Gets blunt easily after a couple of uses.
No sharpener provided.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend Deborah Milano Pencil Eyeliner 02 Grey?
Yes! If you are okay with its staying power you should buy this one for yourself without thinking much. It’s a steal for the price.

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