DIY 2-Ingredient Quick Face Pack for Instant Glow

My skin was feeling quite dull and lifeless and that’s why I gave this face pack a try. This pack is super easy and quick to make as it requires only two ingredients. The results of this pack are quick too. If you want to see some quick results within seconds this is a must-try for all you lovely ladies out there. I’ve used my favourite fruit to make this pack. So, let’s get started with this DIY recipe.

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Step 1:

Kiwi and cinnamon face pack

Step 2:
Mash the kiwi cubes and make a paste using a fork.
Step 3:
To the mashed kiwi paste, add two spoons of fresh full cream yoghurt.
Step 4:
Mix both the ingredients well so that they combine together. And voila! Your face mask for instant glow is ready.


Apply it all over your face using your fingers and rub it well into your skin using a circular motion. This helps the skin to absorb the mask well. Cover your face and neck well with this DIY mask. Wait for about 15 minutes and allow the mask to dry. Dip a face towel or a sponge into lukewarm water, squeeze out excess water and remove the mask well using the dipped towel.


You’ll get instant results with this pack. My skin looked instantly healthy and glowing right after using this pack. It brightened my dull skin within minutes and lightened my skin tone as well. In fact, my cheeks also felt soft and smooth. This is a perfect mask to brighten up your skin within minutes, especially if you are running late. Try this if you wish to add life to your dull and lifeless skin.


• Full fat yoghurt nourishes the dry skin deeply and moisturizes it intensely
• Kiwi helps in rejuvenating the skin and regenerates the cells too
• Both kiwi and yoghurt have been proven to make the skin fairer
• These ingredients also provide a luscious glow to the skin and add a subtle shine instantly
• These ingredients are also beneficial in lightening dark circles

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